JR Ewing…

So last night I feel asleep watching Dallas (2012) and dreamed I was being forcibly seduced by JR Ewing.

First off… Forcible seduction. This is tricky. It is when a man presses, a woman is reluctant, but he would stop if she really pressed the issue. It is that fine line between no turning to yes and rape. The movies are rather full of it… for romance books, its their stock in trade.

Secondly, JR is supposed to be about 77.

One of my fetishes is older men… and that can be… oh…. significantly older. In this case, over 40 years.

I don’t really know what it is… perhaps the allure of the silver backed gorilla… old.. experienced… still on top…

Another dream I once had… along the same sort of vein… I was restrained on an divan like a gft to a group of WW2 veterans. They could do whatever they wanted though it generally restricted itself to a group of proud, elderly men running their hands over my body… inside and out. They took what they wanted, but were also very respectful about it, as I remember. I woke up, incredibly turned on and completely horrified, all at the same time.

Please don’t ask me to explain it. I am at a loss myself. It isnt that I don’t appreciate younger men… though I find they appreciate me less…

So I woke up as I was about to capitulate to Mr. Ewing. He had me from behind… My back against his chest. His arms like bands around me. he had my breasts in his hands… firm, insistent but not painful. Rolling my nipples in his fingers- I was in some sort of soft charmeuse. He was kissing his way along the back side of my neck… my kryptonite. I wanted to go, but he was whispering in my ear about what he was going to do to me. What he wanted to do. How much he wanted me. I wanted to leave… but I was hypnotized by him. I couldn’t leave. I wanted more.

I could be the pet of a much older man. As long as he still had the proverbial ‘IT’.

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