Tonight I am feeling…


I live in one of the worlds more famous sin cities and tonight I feel like sin. Is that wrong? I have this fantasy of being taken into a room blindfolded, where a hundred hands are on me… touching me… using me. Then the hands turn to lips. Perhaps I am restrained… perhaps I have just been offered up like a sacrifice to the Gods of Hedonism.

I don’t know what it is… perhaps because I havent found ‘The One…’

I had a companion once who took me to a swingers club. It was a fascinating experience. People dancing, gyrating and pleasuring each other… all drinks and food included in the price. Lingerie… Sin… Black lights… bouncing breasts… sweat…

It was shocking and erotic all at the same time. To be certain,  it wasnt making love. People there were simply fucking… because that was all it was.. at the same time… It was enticing. Sodom and Gomorrah…

I love sex. I was made for it. I can’t get enough of it… though it has been a while. I could do it endlessly. Does that make me immoral? The thought of going to a place like that again… where there is sex available.. no complications… no danger… all completely safe… it is very tempting. 

But I am a good girl…

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