What is considered kinky these days? The whole S&M scene has become so ‘cool’, mainstream and full of poseurs. It’s like anyone can rock up, throw on some tacky leather duds, call themselves a dom or a sub and badda bing, badda boom. 


It has become dreadfully dull. 

I actually do consider myself to be kinky. I like things to be a little different… Doesn’t mean that I don’t love some hot missionary aktion… Sometimes the basics, when done well, are all you need. Does one truly need a mochacinno when the cappucino is prepared perfectly? No. Not usually. 

At the same time… sometimes one doesn’t want coffee… they want champagne. They want to be aroused and stimulated in different ways. The brain is the best erogenous zone. Entice its neurons with a blend of fantasy and reality and feel the good times become fantastic. There really is nothing like it. 

Yes. I consider myself to be kinky. Some of my kinks are rather mundane, I admit it. But then they can’t all be off the wall, can they? But a few… well… not so mainstream. 

What are they? Oh… Do I mention them here? 

Once upon a time, I identified myself as a dominant… and I can be rather dommy. I like things the way I like them. Then I realised I had no respect for subbie men. They bored me. The sniveling and the groveling. Blech. I can’t be with someone I don’t respect. 

I look to submit to someone worthy of my submission. Someone who is stronger mentally than I am. Petruchio to my Kate. Not that I am a shrew… 

Then he can make my body his playground….

But more on my actual fetishes another time…

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