Hi there…

I don’t really know why I have started this blog… it is very private a topic… sent out into the dark.

I am a woman on a quest… to find the right man… but it seems to be a difficult thing to do.

I am a strange creature… harkening back to yesteryear. If this were the Belle Epoch, I think I would be a courtesan… an object of masculine pleasure and desire.

Wikipedia explains it rather well…

No… I am not interested in being a prostitute… that isnt it at all. Perhaps it is more about being a muse to a powerful man. Part, the ultimate pet… something he has once he’s acquired his fast cars and boats. Something a little wild that he can’t completely control. A recent Mad Men episode touched on this in regards to Jaguar cars… Its beautiful, he wants it, but does he ever truly own it?

I am that wild Bird… just looking for the right cage.

But the true courtesans were more. They were celebrated for their beauty, wit and intellect. Many were artists. They lived on the men who adored them, and the men were their patrons. They were something to be seen with. Exciting. Unlike today, where an escort is… well.. still rather seedy, even if she is paid thousands a night for her favours.

I dont want to be seedy. Truthfully, I want to find the man who needs me to complete him… but at the same time, I want to give myself to him, devote myself to him and be the thing that  he is missing. I want him to own me, but I also don’t want to be taken for granted.

I don’t want this blog to bring on haters. I am all for equal rights, and women can do whatever they want, and be whatever they want… and this blog is about what I want. What I am looking for.. what I need to complete me…

Some of it might be a bit naughty. I want to have a place to talk about my fetishes… In the end, this is public privacy. You can have your opinion… but if you get disrespectful, you can naff off. I really dont care what you think.

And in the end… it is what it is.

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