One Mistaken Word

ITS ALIVE!!!! The new book!

When a history obsessed witch decides to call on the soul of her favourite king from history, she makes a little mistake when she calls out his name in Latin. He who arrives is not King Heinrich, but the Great Duke Allocer of Hell. The demon’s lust will change her life forever.

Explicit: Erotic Lactation, Reluctance, Impregnation, Demon/Creature, Submission,

Here’s a snack sized little excerpt. 

That rhythmic pumping was making me insane. Suddenly my hips were flexing to the same tempo. I could almost feel him inside me. I was rising to meet the thrusts of… emptiness. I needed to be filled. “Please, Allocer! Fill my chalice!”

In a moment, his hands were off me and his claws were shredding through my PJ bottoms. The fabric slithered off my thighs as his hands came up to wrap around my knees. He was spreading them wide. It was almost as if he would pull them from the sockets. I grunted in pain but that was replaced by the feeling of his muzzle slipping further and further down. When his nose ran along my slit, moaned in need. He was biting at my labia. His teeth were piercing through them. It should have been agony and yet it was not. I was burning with the basest of desire. I pushed his head into my fevered core as hard as I could. If it were possible to have pushed him right inside me, I would have.

“Hungry now, aren’t you, little witch?” he chuckled against my flesh. Then that tongue was there. The spines of it were rasping against my clit. His claws were pulling me right open as he slurped and sucked on my nether parts. It was too much. I tried to pull my legs closed. When it wormed its way inside my body, I shrieked. It was sandpaper on my most delicate areas. I fought against it, and yet I still wanted him. I didn’t understand. I couldn’t understand. Whatever poison he had filled me with had rendered me a slave to his touch.

“It hurts!” I moaned as his mouth ravaged my pussy. He seemed to take delight in running his claws over my clit. So much pain and yet so much pleasure.

“I am preparing you. The little witch must be in heat to take my seed. When I am done with you, there will be no desire in you for any other than Allocer. I know what you need!” Then he was so deep inside me with his tongue. I could feel his harsh breath against the quivering flesh of my slit as he pushed it further and further inside. He had to be lapping up against my cervix. My eyes rolled up into the back of my head.

I could feel the moisture running out of me. His face grew slick with my juices as he ravaged my body. I was building such tension in my pelvis. I had the most terrible feeling that I had to pee. At the same time, my eyes were rolling back into my skull. That tongue! That tongue! So deep inside me. My pubis was bucking his muzzle inside of me. It was as if he was fisting me with his entire maw.

“Please! I can’t take anymore!” I howled as it pushed further inside. My fingers flailed, grabbing onto his horns and holding on for dear life.

The demon Allocer was biting me from the inside. I could feel his jaws opening and closing, stretching me as he continued to tickle my cervix open. I could hear him laughing from between my thighs as I rode his face. I was so close to orgasm, and yet I couldn’t understand how. My body was in pain and yet my brain only registered pleasure. I couldn’t understand it. I just wanted more and more. The more perversely he used me, the more lust-crazed I became.


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