Changes…. with an anal reward…

Hey everyone…

I don’t know if you didn’t like the book posts… or if I’ve just become deadly dull, but people just aren’t showing up the way they used to. So… I’m stopping that… and going back to posting the occasional bit of rumpy pumpy!

So in honour of the big changeover for those who are still around… the anal scene from Japonisme….


In the Woods – Madame JoJo

When Nakajima changed his finger for his thumb and popped it through my anus I gasped, but the General just kept kissing me. It was as if he was sucking the very breath out of my body. “Oh my god!” I rasped, trying to catch some air into my lungs.

“Such a tight, beautiful ass!” Nakajima groaned, and I could feel an urgency as he began pressing his thumb further and further into my rosebud. It was a dreadful intrusion, but I could feel that familiar tightening. Yet it seemed different this time. Deeper. Buried in the other side of my body. It was a different kind of orgasm, feeling it in my bowels. So many different nerves.

“Oh my pretty girl!” The General began sucking and licking the corner of my neck where ear and jaw met.

I cried out and pressed against Nakajima’s fingers. I never thought I would feel such desire. It was the alcohol. This wasn’t me. This creature wasn’t me! “What are you doing?”

“I have to have it. I have to have this ass. General-san! I need to fill it. I need to mark it. I need to cum in it and taste us both!” Nakajima pulled his thumb from my ass and spit on my anus. He rubbed it in, adding more lubrication.

The General stilled. “That wasn’t the agreement. Touch. Devour. No sex.”

“What do you want?” The words were muffled as the Japanese man pushed his tongue as far inside me as he could.

I was suddenly afraid. “No! You promised! Please!” I whispered. Even drunk as I was, that fear was bone deep.

“You add 20 more units to the order.”

“That’s 40 million euros!”

“My little girl’s ass is worth twice that. Besides, it isn’t your money.”

I could feel Nakajima rest his head against forehead against my bum. “I can’t guarantee that the politicians will approve it. As it is, the purchase is far more in your favour.”

“They will if you recommend it. Your political capital is very high these days, Nakajima-san!” The General looked up at the oriental man.

Nakajima’s fingers twisted inside my pussy absently. I clenched around them, and he moaned. “I will make the recommendation. Damn you! You are the devil!”

The General pulled out his fountain pen and started writing on my back. “Not the most conventional notation, but I can get a picture of it later. Sign!”

The fingers came out of my pussy. “This is the most a man has ever paid for the pleasure of an ass in history. It must be.” The pen burned as he pressed his signature into my skin. I am sure there was as much blood as ink on my flesh when he was finished.

“You promised!” I whispered to the General.

His mouth took mine. “Paris was worth a mass, my love!” He stroked my hair.

I could hear a zipper and a rattle as Nakajima’s uniform pants hit the floor. I tried to close my legs and pull away, but the General gripped onto my shoulders. “Do this for me. You will be rewarded!”

Nakajima spat on my ass one more time. “This had best be worth it!” He pressed his thumb against me and popped my tightened anus. With his other hand, he was rubbing something warm and hard against the entrance to my pussy. My pussy wanted this. But the other? No.

I looked up into the General’s eyes. He had never betrayed me. He had never abused me. This felt like a step too far, but I trusted him. He was my love and my body was his to do with as he pleased. I grasped his uniformed arms in my fingers and stared into his eyes. “For you!”

Nakajima slid his penis in between my asscheeks, spreading my pussy juices over my ass. He spat again onto his hand, and rubbed it up and down on his cock. I couldn’t see it, but I could picture his beige member with an angry, glistening pink head. He grabbed my hips with one hand, and pushed his penis against me.

Drunk as I was, I was still tense. My eyes were locked on the General’s hazel ones. When the Japanese man’s cock pressed through my sphincter, I gasped. The General stuck his fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them, trying not to cry. I could feel my body stretching open. It felt like a knife in my backside.

Nakajima sighed and said something in Japanese. He pulled out a bit, and then pushed even farther inside of me. One of his hands was bunched into the flesh of my hip, and he snaked the other one around my leg to massage my pussy. That was some relief, some pleasure against the intruder at my back door. Luckily, he was not a huge man, and the pain was bearable. He rocked gently against me. “It’s very tight. Almost a virgin. It is so much like a virgin ass!”

I closed my eyes, wondering if this gentle rocking was all that Nakajima wanted. I was uncomfortable, but if this was all that he required. He was muttering in Japanese as he finally pushed all the way into me. His fingers plucked at my labia, swirling absently over my clit. Then he stilled. Was it over?

“Give her some champagne,” Nakajima said quietly. He seemed to meet the General’s eyes and an unspoken word passed between them. “So good to take her. So good to be inside! So tight!”

The General opened another bottle of champagne and held it to my lips. “Drink!”

I didn’t want to, but the look on his face brooked no refusal. I guzzled more than a glass worth as the expensive golden liquid rolled down my chin. I swallowed and swallowed until I couldn’t anymore. It went straight to my head and the room began to spin. The General smiled and patted my cheek. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I doubt you will even remember this in the morning!” He reached down my torso and gently cupped my breast, tweaking my nipples in a way he knew I loved.

As I relaxed again, Nakajima returned to pumping my ass. With increasing speed, he pushed inside me. My thighs bounced against the edge of the table with every thrust. I could feel Nakajima’s balls slapping against my pussy and that excited me. There was the friction of his mat of wiry pubic hair against my flaming asscheeks. His fingers pulled on my clit. It hurt, but underneath it was pleasure.

I found my General’s eyes. He was watching me, an indescribable expression on his face. He had only taken my ass a few times. Once to claim it as his, once as a punishment, and once on a special night when it had been pleasurable. I thought of that night. I pretended it was him. It made it better. I leaned up and kissed my General.

Nakajima put one knee up on the table. He was ramming me hard. The breath was being knocked out of me. He brought the hand from my hip to my shoulders, pulling me down into him. It felt as if he was turning me inside out! My head was snapping back from the momentum. It was all I could do to hold on. He was riding me like an animal but I was starting to like it.

Suddenly the fingers were out of my pussy as the Japanese man reached up with his other hand and grabbed me by the hair. He was pulling me up off the table, penetrating me even deeper. He released my hands. “Touch yourself!”

He stopped thrusting long enough to let me run a hand down between my legs. My fingers slid deep into my drooling pussy. I don’t know if I had ever been so wet in my life. I didn’t think I could ever feel this way with a man balls deep in my anus. I had four fingers as deep into myself as they would go and I could feel myself spasming.

Then the hand in my hair was around my neck. Nakajima wrapped his hands around my shoulder and his hand was squeezing my throat. He wasn’t blocking my air, but showing his control. He pulled me back into him and his other hand brushed away the General’s fingers as he claimed my breast. Again he was squeezing so hard I thought he would tear it off. I also didn’t care.

I wanted it. It was happening. Deep in my bowels. Deep in my rectum. A noise was coming from my throat that I had never heard before. Almost a lowing. Grunting from the depths of my diaphragm. It only encouraged him. His fingers tightened in the skin of my throat and I could feel the rasp of his breath on my ear. His breath was harsh and smelled of champagne. Then his mouth was fastened onto the back of my shoulder as he bit down. His entire body tensed and he gave a last thrust. And another. And another.
I could feel each deposit of thick, ropey semen inside me. It almost scalded me. The burst was enough to send me over the edge. I came so hard I felt as if the veins would burst in my neck. My body clamped down on his and he seemed to start coming again. His teeth tore the skin of my back as he collapsed against me. I knew I would bear the marks of this encounter for a very long time.

We collapsed into the table with a thump. I could barely breathe and I didn’t care. I could feel the General stroking my face. No one said anything. I didn’t have the words in me. I don’t think anyone else did either. Just the harsh sound of breathing.

After a moment or an hour, I couldn’t have said how long, Nakajima disengaged from me. His penis fell from my ass with a wet sucking sound, and I felt his semen ooze from my battered anus. It was a slow, warm trail rolling out of me, and down my thigh. I felt cold and hot all at the same time. I felt bereft and empty.

Nakajima ran his hands up my bottom and admired his work. “Beautiful and stretched. Filled with my cum. Well worth the clout I will expend to honour that order.” He bent over and stuck his tongue inside my gaping ass; licking out his juices. I was too tired to feel anything. “Delicious!”


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