9 thoughts on “Want to hear me speak?

    1. My thang with the sinner saint diary blog is to promote a serious of stories I’m about to start publishing.

      I end up sharing other things on there too. There were a bunch of interviews – most not relating to the stories but conducted just to be crazy and entertain myself and the readers. I took them down because I’m about to publish and I didn’t want a bunch of sloppy, porrly edited posts up. I will be interviewing some of the people behind a few of the characters in the stories.

      Anyway, I do other things, but that’s the only “adult” thang.

      What thangs are you wanting to do – you’re searching for a man right? I could advise you about that on podcast.

  1. or, if by thang you mean what is my sexual thang, I fly pretty straight but tend to land is some crazy places.

    That’s why I thought it might be interesting, the contrast between my straightness and your (what looks to be) less conventional interests.

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