The Outsider and Alice After Hours- A Review!

Hi all! This is my very first review of someone else’s Pronz! 🙂 I thought I would expand my horizons from my own personal posts of naughty and share some others, as reviews for things I’ve done in the past have been rather well received!
So here is the skinny! Two books to butter your muffin or raise your rod!


MediaKit_BookCover_TheOutsiderTHE OUTSIDER:
Cassie Jonsson, a pretty blonde police officer, is given the odd jobs the men don’t want, in this case checking out an old house the locals believe is haunted. The McAllister house is indeed haunted, but not by a ghost. Prophet is a ruggedly handsome former vet. He awakens something primal in Cassie, a boundless desire that blinds her to the dangers of bedding a stranger.


MediaKit_BookCover_AliceAfterHoursALICE AFTER HOURS: 
In her relationships, Alice likes to be in charge. One evening she stumbles across an Internet chat room inhabited by submissives and dominants. Archangel enters and lures Alice into a private conversation, one that throws her beliefs about female empowerment into doubt. In person he is even more enticing, inviting her to his home, but only if she is willing to put her fate in his hands.





A little tease! Just between us!

Excerpt One:


Her head was down, her eyes focused on where she was putting her feet. She wasn’t concentrating. Suddenly a hand was over her mouth and her windpipe felt like it was being crushed by an iron bar.

She went into autopilot mode, going completely limp. The additional weight, her group had been told during self-defense training, might knock an assailant off balance, potentially giving the victim a chance to flee. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work that way in practice. Suspended by the arm of her attacker, she felt as if she were being slowly and inexorably strangled. Desperate to relieve the pressure, she scrambled to find her footing.

“I would advise against that.” The voice was soft against her ear, and she remembered something else she’d been told. Try to pinpoint things that will make it easy to recognize her assailant later. Even speech patterns.

She was clawing at both his hand and his arm, twisting and trying to free herself.
“I’m choking,” she croaked through his fingers. It wasn’t strictly true. His hold had already eased a little.

“No, you’re not,” he said. “Will you keep still?”

She made an attempt at nodding.

“Okay. Here’s the rule. There’s only one, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember.”
Cassie nodded again.

“Don’t move, and that includes trying to turn around.”
She nodded for a third time.

“Good. Just so long as we understand each other.”

The pressure relaxed further. More to the point, the hand over her mouth was gone and she filled her lungs gratefully. “Okay, okay.”

“Keep facing front.”

“Who are you?”

“Just someone passing through.”

She was trying to concentrate, to remember what she had to do, both as part of her job and if things were as bad as they seemed, to stay alive.

“Good guy or bad guy?”

“Depends on whose side you’re on.”


His reaction was almost imperceptible. Had she not been forced up against him she’d never have noticed. So she was right. She tried again.


“Among other places.”

This might not be good. She doubted his time in the army had been spent behind a desk. He was too assertive for that. Plus, he was fit; the muscles of his arm told her that. Hard and unyielding, this guy had been frontline.

Her throat was aching, and she swallowed. “Any chance of a little civilized behavior here?”

“What do you suggest?”

“That you take away your arm altogether.”

“I’d have to trust you to do that.”

“So trust away.”

He laughed. It was a deep, bass sound, and not unpleasant.

“Here’s the deal,” he suggested. “I’ll remove my arm if you agree to stand perfectly still while we engage in a spot of conversation.”


“I’m taking you at your word—the word of a serving police officer.”

Interesting! He must have been watching her yesterday. So why hadn’t he already moved on?

The fantastic author who brought us all this!

Photographers Inc Portrait
Photographers Inc Portrait

Convent-educated from the age of four, Galia Ryan was brought up not to question. Perhaps because of this, she has always been fascinated by all things esoteric and “outside the square.” Originally from Sussex, England, and now living in New Zealand with her soul-mate husband and grown-up family, Galia tries to find time between her passions for writing and reading and for her other love—travel. There is always a growing list of must-see places. Galia is the author of the Luxuria Trilogy—Choices, Secrets, and Desires—and two novellas, Forsaking All Others and The Outsider.

Where you can find Galia Ryan for more infos! (And PRONZ!)

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And now… MY REVIEW!

buttered muffinbuttered muffinbuttered muffinbuttered muffinplate

4/5 buttered muffins!

These are great stories! More story than I usually write- I usually get right down to the nookie- but actual characters we get to know and care about. I would classify this as good,  erotic romance as opposed to pure naughtiness.

I was particularly interested in the Outsider, as nothing butters my muffin than a tale of men in and out of uniform! Here we have a vet and a female police officer! Let the fun commence! Nothing more enticing than an erotic encounter with a stranger. I really enjoyed the set up.

Alice After Hours is a dominant woman taking a turn on the other side! Again, lots of character story as Alice explores submission with an interesting man she meets on the internet. A little more steam than The Outsider which made my muffin rather happy! This felt like a real story happening to a real woman.

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16 thoughts on “The Outsider and Alice After Hours- A Review!

    1. Wow! What a fascinating question. I read so much and own hundreds of books, so Its hard to come down to just one or even two characters. Let me come back on that one!

    1. I wish I could say it would be somewhere out of the way and crazy-exciting, but I’m sorry to say I love my luxury, and that includes a really good bed! Next year I will be travelling around Europe and while I’ve been to many places I’ve never stepped on Italian soil, so that’s on the list. (Art/history/good food being a priority!) I would love to go to the Maldives (overwater bungalow of course!!) and Cuba. So many people have said you have to go now before it changes too much. Oh, and I’d love to travel on one of those luxury trains, and cruise Alaska. You can tell I’m a Taurean! Just give me the good things in life and I’m happy!!

  1. theultimatepet, thanks for such a great review! Glad you like my characters! I have to say I love your writing. Straight to the point, yes, but so deliciously exquisite. And your artwork too is very stylish.

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