Need ideas…

So who has read Japonisme? Did you like it? And if you did like it, please leave a review over at amazon!

I’m putting this out there! What would you like to see happen to the Milkmaid (or the General!) in the next installment? How long would you like it to be? Japonisme was twice as long as Punishment for Napping. Do you like the shorter length or the longer length? Sometimes I ponder making a novel length piece of how they met. Some of that is alluded to in Japonisme.

Or do you just like me for my snippets of fantasy that I post here? My New Years Resolution is to return to my deliciously dirty ways and share lots with you! So many of you come every day! It makes my wee heart sing!

cock of iron

And here is another picture from Madame Jojo over at Tumblr. If you like it, leave me a comment. She’s feeling a bit down at the moment. And no, she isn’t me… but I have modeled for her a few times!

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