Another little taste…

I’m so excited about Japonisme, my new book coming out this week, that I thought I would give you another little nibble!


“Pretty panties,” Nakajima said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a red Swiss army knife. I squeaked as he went toward my most secret place with his knife and in a few quick tugs, I was exposed to the air.

“Fine knife work!” The General praised his cohort.

“Thank you, General-San. I’m surprised you allow her panties. She should be available to you at all times, should she not? No barriers to you?” Nakajima raised a brow.

“I enjoy unwrapping what is mine when I want it.”

“Ah! I see.” Nakajima leaned forward. “Pink and hairless. Nice, juicy lips. Plump like an overripe plum.” He blew on my pussy and my legs curled up and my head lolled back.

“If you work her little button, she will probably spray. Booze makes her insatiable. She won’t really orgasm and you can play with her for hours. All she will want is more, and more and more. But she will sing like a nightingale the entire time.”

Nakajima’s hand was suddenly cupping my sex, his thumb sliding over my clit. I arched my back and moaned again. “Oh please. I-” I was so full. I was so drunk.

His fingers were rough and persistent. It hurt, but at the same time was so pleasurable. I found myself bucking up into his hand. It felt as if he was pinching my button between his thumb  and forefinger, getting harder and harder, almost to the point of agony before he expertly dropped the pressure again. His index finger was sliding around and around the entrance to my core, Just entering me with the very tip, enough to tease me with the desire for more, but without giving it to me.

“Oh General-San! She is so wet! It is like a waterfall!”

“And it is always that way. Wet and ready when I want. She’s almost like Pavlov’s dog. She hears my voice and her cunt’s wet. Sweet too. I mind her diet so it’s all pleasing to eat.”

They were talking about me as if I was an object and it turned me on as much as the fingers sliding over my clit. I was falling into that strange state. I wanted to orgasm but I couldn’t. But I wanted more. I didn’t want it to stop. I was like a mindless animal desperate for something I knew I couldn’t have.

That’s when I felt it. Like pins and needles running from my armpits to my nipples. Stronger and stronger; my areolas burning. Then my entire breast started tingling and burning, and I could feel moisture running from my breasts. First a droplet or two, like a break in the dam.

“General-San! Success!” Nakajima exclaimed with nearly childlike delight.

“Put two fingers inside her, and pull up! Thrust in and up!” The General ordered the other man as he placed a palm down just above my pubic bone.

“Oh God!” I breathed. “I don’t know if I can!”

I felt those two fingers entering me. It was what I wanted so badly. To be filled with cock. To be filled with absolutely anything! Then the fingers were working me, and I was so close. On the edge but I couldn’t tip over. It was torture! I wanted more and more, and my breasts were almost numb with a delicious sort of pain.

“Come on, Girl!” the General urged. “Burst for me!”

I exploded into a semi orgasm; a relief but not the explosion I so craved. But it was enough. Milk shot from my breasts in several jets of creamy liquid. Nakajima was right in the blast. His uniform was stained with my milk and I could see it landing on his face. He laughed and opened his mouth, trying to catch more between his lips.

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