A little taste….

Of Japonisme, the next book in ‘The General and the Milkmaid’ series….

I licked my lips; my mouth so desperately dry. A potent mixture of fear and anticipation filled my frame. To stay so still, so posed, was hard. I must wait exactly as he had ordered her and so I obeyed. A perfect lady, sitting with closed eyes in the dark.

The General insisted that I dress in one of my best gowns and be waiting for him when he returned from work. It had made the day a joy, preparing myself for him. I had bathed and savoured in bubbles to my hairline.  All unwanted hair had been removed and every inch had been cleaned, creamed and perfumed. My hair was a retro confection and my makeup was a perfect mask, right down to the false eyelashes which brushed my cheeks. It was almost too much for where we lived. European women were so conservative, but this was what he wanted. It gave me great pleasure to give him so simple a thing. I’d always been a very girly sort of girl.

Underwear like gossamer webs cupped my nether lips, stockings up my legs, waist cinched as tight as I could manage on her own with an under bust corset and my full breasts nestled into a balconnette bra. The entirety of this beautiful lingerie was made by Aubade; a French brand and all in emerald green which made my white skin even whiter without the overdone sexuality of black. Then my gown; a deeply cowled, emerald silk charmeuse. A 1930’s style with a bias cut skirt. Pearls glowed at my throat and ears.

The door opened, and there he stood in his formal uniform; not the battle dress he had left in this morning. ‘Now there is my pretty girl!’ the General exclaimed, taking the glass of Lagavulin scotch I had waiting on a tray beside me on the banquette. The General was not a big drinker. A glass of his favourite scotch when he came in from the office but rarely any more. One cube of ice in the cut crystal tumbler. He was very specific.

I smiled at him. ‘I’ve missed you!’

His hooded blue-grey eyes crinkled at the corners. ‘Not this old soldier.’

‘Not old in my eyes!’ I told him warmly.

‘You are so kind to say,’ he murmured drinking me in with his gaze. ‘And you look positively delightful. What every soldier dreams of when he’s downrange.’

‘Now it’s my turn to thank you.’

‘Should I have you painted on my command vehicle like a 1940’s mascot?’ He laughed at the thought. He was known for being a bit of a maverick. ‘What would they say about that?’

I smiled. ‘I’m sure the Minister of Defence would not approve.’

He walked over and chucked me under the chin. ‘I daresay not.’ He slid one calloused hand across my collarbones, and then down the curve of my chest. My breath caught in my throat as he palmed my breast in its lacy cage. My nipple was caught in his fingers. ‘Oh my dear, sweet girl! These feel very heavy.’

Licking my lips, I looked up at him. ‘They are ready for you!’ It was his evening feeding time and my body naturally produced the milk he desired all afternoon. He kept me on a very tight schedule for such things.

The General made a growl deep in his throat. ‘As much as it pains me, they will have to wait.’ He ran his nose along my ear, then ran his tongue along the side of my neck. My neck was my kryptonite. As he nibbled and sucked on that skin, my head lolled onto my other shoulder. I could feel the heat deep in my belly and the sudden feeling of my labia swelling in my panties.
My breasts also felt fuller. ‘General! If you do that, I’m going to start leaking!’



Who wants to be my General? 😉


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