Please… An Ode to my long lost Daddy…

Do people actually live out their kinks and fantasies? I feel like I’ve been looking for so long, but perhaps it has been in all the wrong places.

I want to find my Daddy… I want to be his everything, and have him be my everything in return. An 18 year old girl, on the cusp of womanhood! So ready to be plucked! So in need of protection from lesser men who would try to pluck my precious fruit… In need of teaching, control and guidance.

Could he change my breasts? Suck on them, squeeze them, massage them until they are so filled with milk that just his touch makes them spray. I want to be so filled that I ache for release. That I have to beg him to milk me to stop the pain.

Could he turn me into his little doll? Could he corset me, and dress me as his fantasy? Could he pull the laces and turn me into a woman he wants? Could he tell me what to wear and when? Could he watch me put on woman’s makeup, and enjoy my blossoming beauty?

I want my body to be his wonderland. I want him to use my pussy… I want him to pump it so full of cum that it runs down my legs. I want him to hold me down… tie me down… and breed me like an animal… even if the breeding never takes…Take this perfect creation he has wrought and use it for his pleasure.

Already my pussy is wet… So much dew for Daddy! So ready to be fucked! So ready to be stretched and fisted. So ready to be used and broken however he might wish. Use a magic wand on that poor flesh and make me sing for him… an orgasming nightingale in a cage to entertain him. And when he is too tired to satisfy my hungry quim, he can strap me to a fucking machine…

Daddy, I want to be your eternal virgin. I know I am hungry for you. So desperately hungry and needing, and wanting and wracked with terrible dreams. They must come from dark gods who talk to me in my sleep and leave me with this terrible burning hunger.

Ah… a dark night, alone in my candlelight bedroom; the sultry, humid air leaving me overcome and impassioned. It’s where my demons hide. Where is Daddy to protect me from them…

Pan, by the incomparable Madame Jojo
Pan, by the incomparable Madame Jojo

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