lauren(1)It’s here at last! Punishment for Napping!

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A novella of erotic lactation and light BDSM. The milkmaid falls asleep and her master, the General, is rather displeased that she wasn’t waiting for him at the front door. Its time for some delicious punishment!

Explicit: Erotic Lactaction, Milking Machines, Fisting, Restraint, Taboo Lust
‘I’m going to fuck those precious titties while you cum! Whose titties are they?’ He squeezed them tighter. They were getting emptier.

‘Yours, General!’ My toes were scrunching into tight balls as I tried to stem my orgasm. He hadn’t said I could cum yet.

His thighs moved up to my ribcage, pushing me down into the bench. My arms felt impossibly stretched in the cuffs, but I couldn’t feel the pain. All I could feel was the burning heat of his engorged shaft as he laid it on my milk-slick breastbone. It was almost quivering as he laid it down on me, the beloved head almost purple.

‘Yes. My titties! All mine! They belong to me!’ He squeezed them tightly around his cock, again, almost to the point of pain. He began riding my chest, his thrusts in rhythm to my own. I could feel his zipper gouging into me as he pushed himself against me, but I didn’t care. It could lay a track down to the bone as long as this never stopped.

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