Insomnia Berlin

Time for another review… This one is for the Swinger’s club- Insomnia Berlin… In Berlin, Germany!

Insomnia is a funny place… It’s a bit cheesy, and sometimes comes off as where your parents come to get their freak on, but at least it is what it says it is. First off… It’s what it advertises… It’s a swingers club. Sometimes they have more ‘party and dance’ nights, and sometimes they have more ‘party and fuck’ nights, but what is really cool is- if you check out their website, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

First of all… Women don’t pay a whole heck of a lot, and I 100% approve of this. Why? Well… you want chicks who want to have an adventure, why should they have to pay? To be honest, it isn’t all that hard for a girl to get laid if she wants- especially not in a city the size of Berlin. In many ways, we are the attraction. On their Gangbang and Orgy nights, single women get in for free and their beer and wine is comped, provided they are there to play. This is a very good thing!

I can confess that I have been there for 3 orgy nights, and the first time was AMAZING! The second and third times were on the positive end of meh. Perhaps it was that the first time was so damned amazing that nothing else can really compete. I think it all depends on the people there.  There are some pros and cons to the orgy nights, beyond what I have said…

Pros- You will get laid if you are a girl… and lets face it… if you are going to orgy night, this is what you want. 🙂 There is all the protection and Lube and cleansers and tissues that you could also possibly ever want. This is incredibly important to me as I am all about the safety first. Insomnia is also really clean. Again… important to me. I also like how they have a main room play area, but also lots of other rooms for dark and shadowy deeds depending how comfortable one is with exhibitionism.

Either/ors:Because there are so many men on the gangbang nights, Insomnia has… shall we say… house females… who are there for the action… and they are absolutely down for anything, anywhere with the tightest little bodies you can imagine. If you aren’t a perfect ten, they can be a little intimidating. On the other hand… they can be interesting to watch and they are all very loud. But you can usually tell who is a visitor and who is on the house in the female department. But when the men are paying 110 euros to get in, they want to have bangable and willing poon.

Cons- Lots of guys from out of town looking for an adventure on business, and most of them are 45+. That doesn’t bother me, but some young nymphettes might find it a bit like boffing Uncle Phil. I also have to say that sometimes the music is hellishly cheesy on gangbang night. Something a little less ‘babba chicka wawa’ might be a little more mood inspiring!

Now as for the music party nights, these are more ‘come in dance in your lingerie or I’m too sexy’ club gear. There is a lot less of the sexy time, but they can still be fun. Weeknight events can be a little on the quiet side, but Saturdays are pretty busy. Just remember the crowd is probably older than you are expecting, and some friends of mine who went were not turned on, but completely amused by the 50 somthings trying to get their freak on in bad fishnet.

All in all, I rate Insomnia pretty highly if you want to go on an adventure on gangbang night. As I said… my first time was cool enough that it took me back a few times hoping for that level of awesome again. It is less intimidating than you might think to go as a single femme. Certainly 10000x better than Oops Barcelona, which was a complete waste of time and money.insomnia

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