Cherry poppin’ Daddies….

I think it would be obvious by now that I am not a virgin. 🙂 As much as I like to pretend from time to time… mostly when I am with my Daddy. (wherever you are!!)

But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be one again. I was pretty drunk when I lost my virginity at the ripe old age of 18. It was in the front seat of a Honda Accord, (yes… it is possible! Those seats go way back!) and even liquored up, I was pretty nervous of how much it was going to hurt.

In some ways it was something I wanted to get rid of, yet I was also in a rather committed relationship and it seemed like the right time. To be honest, losing it helped me to become the sexual demoness that I am today.

But what if it was something you could give a man again? Would you? Because with modern plastics, you can revirginize.

Men seem to have a thing cherry popping. Getting there first. Breaking through the barrier to that wet, willing, fertile womb beyond. I often wonder what it would be like to do all that again… with the man I want to be my Daddy? And perhaps in a more memorable way than in the front seat of a Honda.

Every time I encounter a new man, there is… a sense that all that is happening all over. I can be rather choosy about my partners, so there can be a gap of some time, and when one’s lady garden isn’t penetrated for a while, it can get rather tight in there. I’ve actually been told a few times that mine is tight at the best of time- despite some of the adventures it has been through. Even if I am ready, if a fellow is packing a particularly large unit, there can be some discomfort.

Personally, I like to be penetrated in the missionary position. When a man pushes me back… and then spreads my knees, I feel a kind of helpless excitement. I can wrap my arms around his shoulders and hold on for dear life. I can stare deep into into his eyes as he pushes himself into my body. I can feel every ridge, every vein, every inch as it goes deeper and deeper into me.  Sometimes that first penetration alone can make me orgasm.  As I have said before, the missionary position makes me feel submissive and taken. It makes me feel owned.

But what if you could revirginise? Would that be good for a man who wants to get there first? Obviously, he is going to know that he didn’t get there first- at least in my case. But would a man want to have that feeling? A virgin without the fear and the inexperience? OR is the fear and inexperience the good part about cherry popping? Would revirginisation be even better than the real thing? Let’s face it… A girl’s first time is rarely all that great. In my experience, 80% of women didn’t find their first time all that great- though that could be the hype, and the fumblings of the boy/man doing the deed.

As completely unPC as it sounds… the idea intrigues me some. When I find my forever Daddy… To make myself a virgin for the night he commits to and claims me… (traditionally a wedding night… but there can be so many versions of that) What greater gift could you give him? The chance to claim you, and break you open for himself?

So many scenarios for it run through my mind… and they are all rather toe curling. Because of the surgery, one can’t use one’s own equipment for some weeks which would only heighten the anticipation of something which would otherwise be a given. A few weeks of no vaginal penetration. Anything and everything else could be done, but absolutely nothing in the garden. One would have to be more creative in one’s pleasuring of one’s Daddy- exactly if one was a virgin that he was grooming for the big day. How it heightens the fantasy! Perhaps I would have to relax my attitude on the temple of Sodom, lest my throat get too sore!

But then, the night comes. There I am… nervous… quivering with anticipation… he won’t have been able to touch me in some time. I am dressed up with some sort of ceremony… A nubile girl for him to plunder… a vestal for him to ravage… A woman he is going to break upon his cock.

I present myself to him… he removes my garments one by one… savouring the pale, smooth flesh beneath his hands. He lays me down on the bed. His fingers slide down my belly and cup my lips. This is his now. For him to own and use as he sees fit. I can feel myself swelling at his touch and filling up with wetness for him. He slides his fingers over my clit and he is amused as shivers of excitement ripple through my body. His lips lock onto my nipples and I arch my back as he penetrates me with a finger.  His fingers explore that little shield inside. Proof that this little girl is his, all his. I gasp. It is almost a little uncomfortable. My eyes, dark with desire meet his. My hand wraps around his cock, feeling how hard it is… stroking it. So warm underneath my hand. Up and down. Hot smooth skin, so ready for me.

Daddy mounts me, his glorious body rampant over mine. My hands slide up along his chest. His hands are firm on my knees; pressure, opening me up for him. My toes curl. I am so completely exposed. My labia are glistening with moisture for him. He presses his palm against my lips, swirling that moisture around… excited further by how ready for him I am. Then he guides his penis against me… Lubricating himself for the task ahead. His head is so velvety smooth against my slick and hungry opening. His body clenches as he slowly pushes himself inside. That almost popping sensation as the head stretches the opening around itself. He stops and I feel this pressure deep inside. He is there… Pressing at the gates. Wanting to come inside.

Daddy kisses me, and then, his cheek rasping against mine, he punches through that shield. I gasp in shock, surprise, and perhaps some pain. He takes that moment to kiss me again, his tongue as deep inside me as his penis. He owns all of me now. He owns my little mouth as much as he owns my pussy. Every orifice I have exists solely for his pleasure. I am his girl and his pet.

He thrusts again, slowly. I am a little sore, a little raw… but my discomfort also fuels my lust. This time it is for Daddy. It is all for Daddy! It inflames me. I am open for him, ready for him, and what he wants is my every desire.

Daddy tells me how he is going to fuck me… how he is going to fill me… My cup will fill with his potent seed. His girl will get pregnant this night… it is a magical night. It has been so long, his balls are boiling with need. I can feel them slapping against my bottom with every rocking thrust. Harder and harder. He is riding me as he has never done before. Thrusting so hard, my head is banging against the headboard and the bed is shaking. Then he grabs me, as he pushes into me this such passion I think his entire being is going inside me. There is pain, but also a throbbing fullness I have never experienced before. He shouts and floods my inside.

I come as I feel each pulsating jet filling my insides. My fingers curl into his flesh as he drives more and more of his seed into my willing body. The room darkens… so much pleasure, my brain cannot process. I hear myself screaming out his name in a dying cry… I sink into near nothingness.

But then it all comes back… Daddy’s sweating weight on me as he shifts. We are bathed in moisture as he slides off me… his penis, soft now, disengages with a sucking noise and I am terribly empty.

Daddy looks down, a smile on his face. My pussy is stretched, gaping open, matted with frothy, cum…stained pinkish with my virgin’s blood… proof of his ownership. He swirls it around with an idle finger, causing aftershocks in my exhausted body. He scoops a little onto his fingers and presses them into my mouth. It tastes like a deed well done.

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5 thoughts on “Cherry poppin’ Daddies….

  1. The thing about the virgin fantasy for me is the inexperience and the anticipation, not the actual breaking of the hymen. Its like walking through a field of fresh fallen snow for the first time. SO fun to think about

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