Receiving Him

 Hendrick Goltzius, 1603
Hendrick Goltzius, 1603

I love Greek mythology. It is all about old gods performing dark deeds. By modern standards, Zeus was a right naughty God. Some of those things just wouldn’t be tolerated these days. Zeus would be in the klink.

Oh… but Danae.. Zeus wanted her so much, but due to the watchful gaze of Hera, he came to Danae as a glittering shower of gold and took her as his own. The result was Perseus.

I love this painting because it is called Sleeping Danae Being Prepared to Receive Jupiter . Being prepared to receive him. What an erotic turn of phrase. To be readied to receive a man into your body. Think on that… To be externally readied for him to enter you.

In this day and age, either a girl readies herself, or a man looks after the deed himself. Oh how it feels to be readied. Your labia swell. They tingle. They ache. And that feeling inside as the dew starts. You feel the moist delicious moistness. Everything rubs against itself. Even walking is an act of masturbation. Your nipples harden and your breasts feel so exquisitely heavy.

When I am ready for a man, I find myself desperately wanting to suck on his fingers. No… not a surrogate for his cock… There is something both erotic and controlling about a man having his hands in your mouth. Perhaps it is like bringing a mare in heat by the bridle.  But if he isn’t kissing me; if I cannot suck on his tongue, I want him to control my mouth in some way.

Sometimes I like to be restrained. Held down. Teased. I like the feeling of helplessness. The power of the man who uses my body. That even though I want him, I would be helpless to say no even if I changed my mind. So far past the point of no return, even though he has not yet cleaved into my quivering flesh.

The being prepared for a man is as erotic as the actual sweating and thrusting… and I have had fantasies about being tied down and prepared for a man to take me. Perhaps I don’t even want it, but skilled use of my body renders me unable to control my passions and desires. I am reduced to a blind, lust filled animal, completely unable to think about anything other than being bred.

But back to the painting… Sleeping Danae Being Prepared to Receive Jupiter, He is not preparing her. Someone else is. They are taking her sleeping form and arousing her for her eventual stallion. She sleeps, and someone opens her legs. Gently. So gently. Soft hands hold her thighs open while a finger parts her flesh. A finger or two, sliding along that pale pink flesh- watching as it moistens and darkens to an aroused rose. Perhaps a tongue- the servant cannot help but taste the bounty owned by his master- her silken nectar ambrosia to a soul who rarely gets to touch such a delicious sweet prize.

Danae stirs. Her fevered dreams bringing her ever closer to consciousness… but it isn’t a servant’s place to wake the girl. The servant stops and the girl drifts back into her slumber. A finger then snakes inside her- tracing ridges folds. spreading around that growing moisture. Then those dripping fingers move up to her breasts to pump and squeeze them into readiness. Nipples plucked to pebbled readiness.

In her dreams, Danae heaves her hips to welcome her unknown lover. Zeus knows it is time and he comes to her. The servant knows his place and leaves the tableau. The God climbs atop her, his member rampant, and he thrusts deeply inside her. He moans at the tightness, the sudden constriction as she awakes in both horror and pleasure. There is pain, her body not stretched to the intrusion, but he does not care as he thrusts inside her over and over again…

Zeus takes his nipples in his teeth, sucking almost cruelly, wanting every bit of her for himself. Her flesh stretches and twists in his mouth. Blood flowers underneath the skin in his frenzy, but his marks on her paleness only inflame him further. She is his to despoil. His to breed.

The conclusion is inevitable, and her body, so prepared, ignores the shock and the pain. She is driven at her most primal level to give herself to this intruder. She needs his seed. She needs to feel it shooting deep within her belly. Lust has focused her one desperate desire. She bites and tears and claws with her passion; matched only by his own… Perhaps it should be that Zeus came to Danae as a gleaming shower of pearls, for that is what he pushes inside her with each primal thrust.

And together… they shall make a hero.

5 thoughts on “Receiving Him

  1. Very rich description of the beauty of anticipation and arousal. We play with similar story lines in our bedroom. Thanks for the story.

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