So many of you visit… but none of you comment!

Pull up a tuffet and sit for a spell! Have a cuppa! Say…something? I do seem to be one of the go-to places for the forced lactation crowd. I see your search terms! 😀



16 thoughts on “Siiiiiiigh!

  1. You certainly have been at this ‘blogging’ thing much longer than me, so I apologise if I tell you something that is from the first page of the manual for blogging basics. I too have found it peculiar why some of my posts generate comments and some don’t. I guess those that don’t just haven’t resonated with the right person or group of people. So if I think I have something to say that is interesting, I proactively look for my target readers rather than just rely on tags.

    I would also suggest that you choose to follow those blogs that seem to be interested in broadly the same topics / interests of your blog. Just dumb luck but as I have chosen to do this and then take the time to comment on rather than just like the posts that i enjoy, I think this builds a little community and hopefully a more interactive following.

    Just my view from a Newbie blogger.

      1. I had to google ‘fap bait’. Well, whatever you do, stay true to the reason why you started your blog in the first place. The person who encouraged me to start blogging, blogged for about 6 months with limited hits, likes, comments, followings, etc. She redesigned her page / site and wrote 1 blog about 1 particular thing and BOOM. It has taken off big time. So it is probably a little mix of both purpose and luck. I did very much like one of your posts and will the responsible thing and leave my thoughts / comments.

      2. I am not lacking for visitors… they just don’t comment. But I am pretty high with the forced lactation crowd. I think it’s still a fairly rare thing for a woman to talk about.

  2. I only just found you and I will stay by and with you. You saw my search term. I have practised what you pray for for over three years. I’ll say more if you welcome it.

      1. First off, with regard to dialogue with your readers, my experience is that expectations should be kept rather modest. My wife has maintained a prominent erotic blog for over five years. Although her daily readership is in the hundreds, comments on posts can usually be counted on one hand and typically come from the same very few people. Readers come to read or watch. They rarely come to make themselves heard. I surmise that book authors would share my impression. I, for one, have only once written to an author. If I were you, I’d be extremely content to see readers come by in droves even if they are silent.

        As for lactation, I have always enjoyed playing with my wife’s breasts and nipples. She breastfed her sons, who are now in their late teens, and ever so often said: “I wonder if I could still produce milk.”

        None of us knew that it is indeed possible. Nor that it has aquired the status of a fetish.

        One day 3 1/2 – 4 years ago I simply took her up on it and started suckling her. We had results within three weeks. Since then I have enjoyed her milk at least once every day. Owing to her tight schedule as a manager and a politician more than once per day is only possible on some weekends. All to often we are forced to accept a two or three day hiatus. Consequently, her milk production is rather low but still very noticably active.

        And, we really don’t do it for the nourishment. We continue because of the closeness and, as you have so eloquently stated elsewhere, because she is mine and I want everything she is and can give me.

        She too is addicted and not only because her breasts have swelled a full cup size. The oxytocin high makes her float and the love between us has gone from endless to eternal.

        For me, the biggest barrier was my fear of having to think of myself as infantilistic. It took a little introspection for me to realize that that was nowhere near where I was. I think of it as a way for me to enjoy my woman even more.

        And to think that for the better part of the first year I thought we were the only couple in the world who did it.

        I love your thoughts and the meandering style you present. I hope you’ll continue to share them with the silent majority.

      2. Again, thank you! I really appreciate the time you took! 🙂

        And thank you for the kind words!

        It really is a different sort of fetish… and yet… I crave it. I can’t explain why- beyond what I have said. It just calls to me like a beating heart…

  3. All the relationships I have seen that were based on a shared interest in D/s or BDSM have floundered. My feeling is that the same would be true for a relationship based on a shared interest in milk.

    Love comes first. If love is there anything is possible between two consenting adults. Exploring pain and pleasure, collars, kneeling, longing, milking. But love must be there first and must remain throughout. Love and respect is the fallback position should experiments lead to unforeseen results.

    It calls you like a beating heart you say … another unforgettable line from your pen, your mind and your heart … Zen buddhists would say: “What you search will find you.”

  4. I found myself being drawn in… Wanting and desiring to be the focus of this plot as she is readied and prepared.

    1. I have droplets… Have always longed for an adult nursing relationship. I found myself being drawn in… Wanting and desiring to be the focus of this plot as she is readied and prepared.

  5. I’m new to reading your blog and am enjoying it very much. If, as you mentioned above, you can tell who is logging in on particular pages, then you probably know what brought me here initially, and it was not, for the record, forced lactation, although that appears to be a very interesting topic.

    You express yourself very well and truthfully and have expressed certain sentiments on certain topics that have made a great deal of sense to me based upon my own experiences. I came to embrace my particular um, “bent,” fairly late relative to most people I suppose, so I’m not as “experienced” in the sense that I may be otherwise. That said, I don’t believe I would have been nearly as competent, for lack of a better term, regardless of actual time spent exploring the lifestyle, had I not gone through certain life experiences and taken the time to get to understand myself and my motivations and thought process before I had. Let’s just say that is and will remain an ongoing process with me. I harbor no illusions that I will ever be anything other than a life-long learner, but I also think that’s a really good trait for a dominant.

    I may not comment much in the future, since that really isn’t really my nature to comment with regard to the personal journeys of others — unless, of course I have personal involvement with them. However, you may rest assured that I will continue to read your journal with great interest.

    Best regards,


  6. Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more.
    Men were deceivers ever,
    One foot in sea, and one on shore,
    To one thing constant never.
    Then sigh not so, but let them go,
    And be you blithe and bonny,
    Converting all your sounds of woe
    Into hey nonny, nonny.

    Sing no more ditties, sing no more
    Of dumps so dull and heavy.
    The fraud of men was ever so
    Since summer first was leafy.
    Then sigh not so, but let them go,
    And be you blithe and bonny,
    Converting all your sounds of woe
    Into hey, nonny, nonny.

    Ah! Shakespeare. His words a cacophony of bells that ring truer in ones ears than we like. To know and yet wonder how cruel that came a man to not please a beautiful woman in need but leave her wanting.

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