Oops Barcelona…

Yeah…. Tonight, I am writing a review:I am in Barcelona, and I decided I would amuse myself by going to a swingers club- Oops, Barcelona.

I have to say… Oops, is about what I am saying.

Pros: This was probably the most beautiful swingers club I have ever been to.

Cons: Literally everything else. I am a single woman, and generally, I am not used to paying- or if I do pay, my drinks are comped. At 20€ to get in, including one drink, and TEN FUCKING EUROS for a Cuba Libra made with a generic rum, this place is simply not worth it. Why? Because to call it a swingers club is to denigrate true swingers clubs. Oops Barcelona appears to be one of those clubs where couples go to fuck in public and then go home. So whoooooopeee…. I just paid to watch a couple people fuck unspectacularly…. before getting shafted at the door for a long drink that should have, and would have cost 5€ in most other places in town.

And you might ask… why am I so agog at the price of the cuba libra? Because there isn’t a drinks menu in the place, so you order, and only know what you owe at the end of the night when your bracelet is scanned. Tacky. Very tacky.

Continued cons: Not a condom to be seen. Seriously. I have been to swingers clubs in Germany, the Netherlands, France and now Spain and until Oops, there has always been a basket of condoms in every room. In fact, I would say that the ‘no glove, no love’ motto is pretty universal in the swinging community. Unless you are just there to bone your partner in public, of course, and then your raincoat preferences are your own business. IT really just reinforced my opinion that this is a pretty people, poseurs club, which is sad, because it is truly lovely. Also… no lube. Now… admittedly, in your locker is a baggy of loot, which maybe I should have grabbed… tooth past, mouthwash, shower shoes and etc… but… maybe some rubbers and some lube would be a liiiiiiiiiitttle more appropriate.

Staff wise, most of the staff were pretty nice, except for the really unhelpful cow at the front door. Seriously, she needs a massive attitude adjustment… unless she is nice in spanish, and I got the foreigner experience.

The final fucking: If you are staying in the downtown area, budget AT LEAST 15€ for a cab in each direction. If you pick a cab up at a stand in town, it might be less… if you have them call a cab for you, the cab puts a starting charge of 4.95€ on the meter. Are you fucking kidding me?

So… truly, I have never begrudged a 60€ night out more. I really wanted to have some fun… and to be honest, I am not even the slightest bit hammered.

Now I know that most of you are probably men, and… I don’t know if you are single or not, but single men aren’t allowed to go… which i think is a bit of a shame. But again, this just reinforces the notion that Oops is a safe place for couples to go and get a little spice together in public before heading back home to the daily grind.

There you go. Oops, I give you 1.5 stars- and the 1 star is only because of the really sweet staff member who was the pretty blond (russian?) girl who was manning the bar upstairs. She was the one (and only one) redeeming feature about the club.

13 thoughts on “Oops Barcelona…

  1. Have you ventured into any other ‘swingers’ clubs in Barcelona? I’m in the same situation you are. Single woman, in search of some nameless, faceless sex. I loved Paradise in Amsterdam!!

    1. No..I only had time for the one, and I has hugely disappointed.

      I went to a different club in Amsterdam- one that was slightly out of the city. Was about 5 years ago. Fata-Morgana… which again, was big, and more of the couples having sex in public, except in the dark room which was a complete free-for-all!

      Where I had the best luck was for erotic insanity was in Berlin at a gangbang night at Insomnia. Most of the women there are ‘on the clock’ but there are still plenty of dudes who don’t want a pro. I went 3 times, and the first and third times were absolutely incredible. But if you go on the non gangbang nights, it can be a bit… um… older couples in fishnet trying to get their freak on. (friends of mine went for their New Years party last year and were a bit put off by bad 50 year old germans in full porn apparel…)

  2. I have seen some pretty wild stuff happen at Oops, by far my favourite club. But you are right about the lack of condoms, what is that all about?
    Love your blog by the way, it is super hot.


      1. Try one of the Saturday night single ladies nights. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll let you know when I’m next there 😉

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