Back door aktion

In honour of the Olympic games, I am going to discuss….



I am not a fan of sliding down the Hershey Highway. I admit it, humbly and gratefully… Image

One of the reasons could be that an ex-lover was far too enthusiastic and tore me. There are a lot of things that are completely unsexy, but bleeding like a stuck pig from your ass has to be about the most unsexy. Now anytime a fellow positions his piston there, I am always thinking is it going to feel like a hot poker going up my rump roast? Because seriously? Yeah. It’s just a bad scene.

There are a lot of men out there who are just into tits and ass (literally…) and there is a part of me that tilts my head to the side and says ‘Arrrooo?’ There are men who like it because it is tighter… Well let me tell you, honey.. my vajayjay isn’t flapping around like the grand canyon. Is this a fellow who has the death grip on every time he chokes his chicken? And is that even healthy? Let the chicken breathe!

And that would be about the time I wonder if there is something about this fellow that he just isn’t telling me… like… really, he wishes I was the overly buff rugby player down the street.

And lets be honest, there are a whole pile of completely unsexy things that can result from too much back door aktion… My tear aside.. it isn’t by chance that a very amusing song about being a gay bottom in youtube says ‘anal prolapse be damned…’

Now.. To be fair… It’s not that i dislike all anal play… a nicely inserted thumb can really rock my world… and someone who rimmed me when I wasn’t expecting it actually made me scream in the most delicious pleasure… And… SLOWLY, once in a while… If Daddy really wants it, it can be rather fun. In fact.. someone once rolled me on my stomach, and took me (SLOWLY) in the ass and, as he did, he told me how he owned all of me… and that was hot- but really I think because of the dominance. As far as the sex itself went, it was the mindfuck that got me off, not someone sawing in and out of my starfish. That really just makes me feel like I have to go… also.. not the sexiest feeling…

What I just don’t get are these dudes who want it all the time. If all you want to do is knock on the back door… well.. I will leave it for you to ponder

4 thoughts on “Back door aktion

  1. I must say I feel both enlightened by this post and a little disheartened. I consider myself to be a Normal Horny Married Guy and found you and this post under the tag of ‘anal sex.’ I know it is a bit shocking to learn that a guy would be trolling these pages looking for info on ‘Rear Admiral’ sex, but I must admit I am one.

    Like the boys noted in your post, I do find it a different and enjoyable experience. The snugness of the muscles and different sensations of warmth are a nice change-up. To be certain, and as well-documented in my blog by my penis, there ain’t no replacement for good old fashioned sex.

    I have struggled to master good ass-sex and was beginning to wonder if there is any such thing (apart from what is portrayed on porn). I am not overly large but am told that I am modestly thicker than average.

    So while I appreciate your candid view on the subject, it didn’t leave me too encouraged. If ain’t good for both then it can’t be good for me.

    1. That is a respectful attitude! 🙂 Re your last sentence.

      A lot of guys want the back door, and most of them are pretty inconsiderate about it. I think that is because they see these porn starts who have been pre stretched and guys just pushing in there. I would say that the bulk of my friends are a no on the whole thing.

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