Dreams of possibilities….

My terrible little breast fetish has been on my mind again… probably brought on by my post about the Superbowl.

I have always loved my breasts being played with. Palm them… squeeze them… manipulate them… roll my nipples around in your fingers like little pebbles…. It all turns me on so much.

But to have a man suck on them… with purpose… With intent. With the desire to create something. Change them for his desire? Oh dear God! The thought makes me quivery and moist. There are even special ways to manipulate them to make them create nectar and when a man learns how to do that, and does it to you- AMAZING! Especially when it is part of your regular sexual adventure.

God…. I miss it. I didn’t quite get all the way, but I got very close. Tiny drops would come out after a session.

I dream of finding a man who shares this dream… who has this primal desire. To own me so much he wants me to leak for him. I have read that when a woman is lactating, and she is full and aroused, she can spray… I have this fantasy of riding my Daddy- my hard, full breasts showering him while my walls tighten around him. Then he wraps his arms around my back, pulling those rosy, desperate nipples into his hungry mouth.

I want him to tie my arms behind my back and watch them bead up with nectar before he slowly licks them clean. I am so helpless. So full. So at his mercy. Victim of his most insistent and erotic torture. Begging for him to ease that terrible pressure. Lick… lick… lick… until he gives them a squeeze and they burst like a dam for him.

I have heard that sometimes mothers nursing their children (about the most nonsexual thing ever) can experience orgasm- can you imagine how intense it could be to have this happen during a sexual encounter?

Bartholomeus van der Helst – Anna du Pire as Granida

While I don’t usually have fantasies of being a Hucow- I want to be of value and something valued by my Daddy- I am still his girl. I want to dress for him- corseted, perhaps? And gowned. My creamy bosoms on display for him. Perhaps even for that very special friend he shares them with. Two men urgently sucking could even be more intense than just one…?

Before they take me, and fill me with their special nectar… until it is pooling beneath me on the bed… and running in torrents down my thighs when I stand.

I am very equal opportunity about mess being covered in nectar….

Where is the man who will make this happen?

10 thoughts on “Dreams of possibilities….

  1. Breast milk is indeed sweet, warm and quite delicious. I had my pet make milk for me for several years. It’s really quite easy to induce lactation and just takes some tenacity on your part. The easiest way is to start taking Domperidone (Motilium)10 mg 4 times daily along with breast pumping using a good hospital grade pump for 20 min 4 times daily. Within a week or two your breasts will start to fill and will need to be drained 3 to 4 times daily. My suspicion is you will find no difficulty finding a Daddy or Daddys eager to help with those achingly full breasts (judging by your sexy posts). Suckling is also a lovely way to relax before sleep. Of course you may need to be restrained at times…I also enjoyed ‘cream’ in my coffee.

  2. What sweet possibilities… recently I have blossomed out of the blue this deep desire to suck on a milky breast for the same cause (to own them for me and make them flow for me), too bad young guys like me don’t normally have anyone like that in their social circle and most girls I met were too selfish and concerned about how their breasts look more than just enjoying the pleasure that they offer to both them and their man.

    I long for the day that I can meet a girl, who I can pat down, let her relax, lay her down on her side, make it known to her that her body is in my control and I will do as I please with her, make my way through layers of fabric and reach to her nipples and take her warm nectar, just for me. Suck and make her go to a state of transcendence, both of us forget about everything, be lost in the timelessness of it, me filled only concerned with infinite desire of taking, her overtaken by infinite desire of giving. All the while I play with it in my mouth, pull on it and feel her warm milk rush into my mouth. So pure and innocent, so warm and exuberant. So true a love as only a woman can give to her man as she gives her flesh and from her flesh….

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