I have had some…

I am feeling lubricated; both socially and physically. God, I love the expression ‘social lubricant’. It sounds so dirty when it completly isn’t.Booze is my friend. I love it! It is man’s most brilliant invention after fire and the internet. It is said that my liver is trained like an Olympic athlete and I would never dispute the people who say things with knowledge.

Booze also turns me into  a raving nympho but it almost always renders me incapable of having an orgasm.

Right now, if you are a man, you are thinking… what the hell is the problem with that? HOODEEEEHOO!

Umhum. Except fellows, you finish, as you always all do, and the insatiable monster over here is still ready to go and… while I can get ever so close, you might think I did… but noooooooo. I didn’t. And I want more, God dammit! GIVE ME MORE!

All men say that they want a nympho… but really.. .they don’t. When they have one, they simply don’t know what to do with it. They get tired. They get headaches… they have back spasms. Seriously.. when a man has lost his will to keep going, his excuses get as wimpy as Sandra Dee…


Can’t you pop an advil or two and get back to work? And… it doesn’t have to be your cock! You can be recycling down there, but your fists are just fine…

Silly men.

Sometimes I feel like Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. ‘I will have you at 9, then you at 10:15… and bring a friend…’

2 thoughts on “Alcohol…

  1. It’s really all about dancing -something along the lines of the Argentinian Tango. There are men like you seek out there. I am one of those in relation to my ‘pet’. She is my most precious possession and a Ferrari when it comes to looks and passion. She’s made the sweetest milk for me, and wears my collar. We’ve never figured out how to avoid jealousy when playing with others though, so we don’t risk our relationship in that way. But, I can tell you that there are men who truly appreciate and can possess the desire of a ‘nympho’ and have the stamina to carry on.

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