Sing the song of a Milkmaid…

I am going to hide this post on a Sunday am… I am worried it will get me flamed…

A few years ago, I was talking to a dominant sort of guy, and he said… if you were mine, I would force your body into lactation… just for me, just for my pleasure.

I was pretty horrified. Women breastfeeding has always made me feel squidgy. I am more than happy for women to breastfeed, but I think they should cover up with a receiving blanket or something of the sort. It actually made me queasy to watch a woman nursing, and I almost passed out when I saw a woman nurse her three year old son in a place I was working. The infamous Time magazine cover? Turned me chartreuse.

I told him that the thought was revolting to me… and why did he want it. His answer? All of you would be mine, and I think that is the most erotic and perverted body modification. To take something beautiful and natural and make it entirely about sex. You don’t have to be pregnant… I will work you and pump you, even if I have to tie you down, and I will make it happen. You will produce for me.

The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on… a few nights later, after having done some internet research into the hows and whys, I masturbated to one of the better orgasms I have ever had alone. It was like something in me clicked… that for me, maybe it had always made me uncomfortable  because I was wired backwards for this… for me, it WAS about sex.. and not about nurturing.

Ok. I am a pervert. I get it.

He and I never hooked up (one of these ‘Doms’ who is all talk, but when confronted with the living, breathing reality of what they want, runs screaming…) but it became sort of a… obsession not the right word… its a something though. A dream, perhaps?

In the erotic lactation community, there are three different sorts. One are the people who want an ANR or an Adult Nursing Relationship. They want the experience of nursing on Mommy again. NO NO NO! This isn’t what interests me. I don’t want to be any man’s mom. The others are the ones who want to use a woman in all the ways she can be used. That would be where I fit in. There are also hucows who want to be treated like a barn animal and dehumanized. That wouldn’t be me. I still want to be a woman. Like a milkmaid. Perhaps the odd moment with a goat milker, but I would feel damn silly mooing.

It is the entire package… apparently it hurts to induce. One must be sucked, manipulated or pumped for at least two hours a day. (hour in the morning, hour in the evening) but more is better. Manual stimulation is better, but pumping with a mechanical pump can work as well. There are many good websites on this. I wont get into it here.

Some of the stories and porn of this are fascinating. Sadly, a great deal of the porn is Asian and the women squeak like frogs in a blender. The rare occasions of non Asian porn, and the women are really skanky looking. Sadly, a great deal of the non skanky porn are recently gravid women who spray their bounty onto mirrors or windows for the camera. Then there is the Hucow porn, which is wonderful and horrid… (google petra the Hucow if you want a real *blink* moment) I find it fascinating, but I know I truly wouldn’t want to be dehumanized like that. Maybe later today I will post something I wrote for another potential Daddy… who, again… turned out to be a fake… (the continued story of my life…)

It makes a girl incredibly dependent on her Daddy or master… breasts that aren’t tended to regularly can become incredibly full and painful. He can instruct her on what to eat to change the flavour of what is his. He can have her ride him so that as she rides, the milk streams from her and onto him… or he can suckle as she bucks and writhes on his penis. He can use the milk to lubricate her breasts as he wraps them around his penis and fucks them.

A million household uses. Apparently, he can even second hand drink from her… If she is drunk, her milk can be somewhat alcoholic.

No… I don’t see myself as a cow… I hate the expressions from the scene -udders or milkers. I prefer milkmaid. It conjures up the image of 17th century pastoral images of shepherdesses and the Hameau de la Reine of Marie Antoinette. I am more of a doll… dressed up, corseted, with just more than the usual excitements available.

Have I done it yet? No. To do it alone loses most attraction. It is the journey that is as erotic as the destination… but I can dream.

Want more like this?

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15 thoughts on “Sing the song of a Milkmaid…

  1. that was one great post to read. and incredibly erotic. sensual. made me totally hard here in the office… would i like to try? probably, never thought before. but with the passion you have, how can a man be indifferent? i would like to be on the other side of your milking breasts….

  2. I tried to reach you on CL, but it just bounces back my emails all the time…. I’d be happy and hard to chat with you…. For starters at least….

  3. I got turned on to this about 4 years ago. Besides smelling like maple syrup for a couple weeks I had no side affects. My needs were purely sexual. I didn’t pump but did have regular suckling. I turned it in to a little profit making. Its amazing what people will pay to drink from my tits while they masturbate.
    I hope things worked out.

      1. Well, I can tell you that men in the states regularly pay $100 for an hour long massage with happy hand ending. Or $200 for an hour of plain vanilla uninspired sex. I would imagine that a specialty fetish could go for around that amount, or more, with much less “work” on your part.

      2. To be honest, I am more interested in fnding someone who wants to go on this special journey with me, rather than selling it… but… always curious to hear about the adult options.

  4. You are getting it wrong. ANR means a nursing relationship, but it is not the “mommy-wish”. That is what is called Age-Play, and it is only a small niche in the much bigger group enjoying lactation erotic.

    1. Fair enough. When I dipped my toe into the formal ‘ANR’ community, or the people who called themselves ANR people, most of them were wanting a comforting ‘mother’ type figure. It was a real turn off.

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