My naughty little story….

In response to my post of earlier today…. a story I wrote….:

I knew that I had duties to perform when Daddy was away with his soldiers, but for some reason, I had been so tired today. It wasn’t like me! Honestly, I tried so hard to be a good girl! Sadly, I had been ensnared by a sunbeam on the bed and fallen into a deep, blissful sleep for most of the afternoon.

Fifty years ago, I would have been alerted by the sound of his high boots on the floor, but the modern army leaned more towards stealth over high gloss intimidation. No. I knew he was there when I felt a hand stroke my cheek. A hard, insistent finger; tracing but firm. My eyes flew open as I felt my chin between his tub and forefinger.

‘I do believe my baby Bird is supposed to be waiting for me at the door?’ His soft voice floated down to me.

I tried to move, but was immobilized by his flinty gaze. I could feel my breath quicken, and my breasts strain against the silk chiffon negligee I was wearing. ‘I am sorry, Daddy! It was just so warm. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.’

His lips thinned as he considered this. ‘I toil all day for my country and you cant even greet me at the door?’ He shook his head with a tsk’ing noise.

I bit my lip and looked up at him with sad eyes. ‘I am so sorry, Daddy!’

He grunted and sat down beside me on the bed. A sigh escaped him and his brow furled. Suddenly, his hands were in my hair, pulling my up while his lips came down to mine. It wasn’t a kiss, so much as a ravishment. My lips were crushed against his teeth and his tongue forced my mouth open. His fingers tightened against my skull and my hands moved to his shoulders as I held on.

‘I wanted a nice, peaceful evening after all my paperwork, but now I shall have to punish you.’ He growled against me.

My eyes met his. ‘Daddy, no! I promise I will make it up to you!’

‘Don’t look at me!’ He growled again. ‘You haven’t earned the right.’ He moved abruptly, reaching for one of my favorite silk scarves. It was the last thing I saw before he twined it round my head.

‘No! Please don’t! I promise I will be good!’ I whispered again, trying not to be afraid.

Then I was being picked up again by my hair and propelled through the house. ‘Don’t speak. I don’t want to hear your excuses.’ A door opened, and warm air engulfed my body. We were out on a veranda, but which one? ‘I have just the thing for naughty little girls!’

He clamped my hands with one, and I felt cold steel encircling my wrists. I sobbed with true fright as my arms were wrenched up and the chain between the handcuffs was attached to something, holding me helpless. I could feel the trade winds rippling across my body, the full chiffon flapping against my legs. I tried so hard to be quiet. I bit my lip again, listening for him. ‘

Yes. Much better.’ There was a tone in his voice. A little wild. ‘But this is too much.’ A tug on my gown and then the loud tearing of the chiffon. ‘Definitely much better.’

I gasped at the sound and the violence of it. But at the same time, I could feel my breasts, already full for Daddy to come home, start to ache; between my legs, the tingle of moisture. A choking breath came from me. ‘Daddy, please!’ I whispered again.

Then he pushed me down onto a padded incline bench of sorts.  My bottom was supported, but I was still being hung by my arms.  I was shaking. Desire or fear, I wasn’t sure which. Then his knees and hands were spreading my own legs wide and I was restrained to something. I could only imagine how wide open and obscene my bare pussy must have looked.

His laugh was almost a purr. ‘Well now. Not that afraid, are we? Let me look at you!’ I could almost feel the heat of his breath against my nether lips, but a finger pressing inside me. ‘And dripping, my dear. ‘ I could almost feel his hot gaze traveling up my spread and naked form. Then his other hand was pumping a squeezing my breast. ‘And dripping here too!’ His hot mouth enveloped my nipple, sucking and squeezing so my milk poured into his mouth.

‘I just want to please my Daddy!’ I breathed.

His hand slapped my cheek gently. ‘But you weren’t waiting in the hall when I came home. So as punishment, I am not going to drink from you as normal. I am not going to treat you like my glorious daughter. No. I am going to leave you like that and milk you like an animal.’

‘What?’ I shook against my bonds. ‘No! Please, No!’

His lips were against my ear. ‘I don’t think you are in a position to have anything to do about it.’

And then he was gone, and there was a rustling noise. A long few minutes and the sound of a motor. Strong suction on my nipples and an urgent tug tug tugging. I twisted against my chained arms as my breasts let down and I was filled with a humiliated pleasure. The milker was insistent and mechanical. It all felt so dreadfully impersonal and I began to cry, but I couldn’t deny the relief and excitement at having my breasts drained.

‘Isn’t that a jolly sight!’ He exclaimed, sounding pleased. ‘But something is missing!’

Then he was gone; I couldn’t sense his presence at all. Just the wind, and the sound of the milker. I flamed with shame, knowing I was outside, hoping that no one could see me. Parts of the house grounds were private, others were not. Could people see me? Strung up like a criminal with suctions tubes attached to my nipples. I tried fighting again, but I was held fast.

‘Tut, tut, little Bird! I know what will…’ He paused and the silence of it was dreadful. ‘Soothe you.’

I gurgled in shock as my labia were spread, and I was entered by Daddy’s favorite vibrator. One of those rabbit types, with gyrating marbles  in the shaft, and a clit stimulator. It almost hurt as it entered, but I was so wet that it slid in. The discomfort coming from the feeling of being stretched. ‘Oh God!’

‘No God. Only Daddy.’ He rumbled in my ear as he turned it on.

Suddenly I was gyrating in a whole new way as the vibrator came to life inside me. ‘Oh! Ooooh!’ I moaned.

There was a ripping of tape and the vibrator jiggled. ‘Duct tape. You know how handy it is!’ He chuckled and I felt him move away.

‘Oh God!’ I whispered again before a groan was torn from my throat as my heat mounted.

This time he laughed more openly, and I heard him sitting. ‘I think God is a little busy right now.’ Ice falling and then liquid pouring into a glass. But what a delightful show to watch.’

I felt a sheen of sweat explode across my body as my first orgasm neared. My entire body strained.

‘Yes,’ he said contentedly. ‘I think I shall watch this performance for a while.’

9 thoughts on “My naughty little story….

  1. 🙂 I dont know if you read my earlier post of the day which led to me posting this… I am a bit worried.. no one commented on or liked it… Now I feel like I shared too much…

  2. I like your stories. In fact they inspire me. Are you interested in reading the stories of others? If so I’ll invite you to my blog…

  3. As my marriage was falling apart, Health wrecked from stress, I began chatting with an old girlfriend. She was nursing at the time with a new baby. She worried that she was having trouble producing, to which I told her’ I could make her produce.’ We were both tempted!
    Of Course I could act upon the desire, breaking up a family was not what I’m about. But still, the desire to feed, and restore my health (autoimmune/ sexual function issues) remained.
    Therefore I really enjoyed your stories and hope you continue.

    1. I should have proof read more carefully,
      Of Course I could act upon the desire, breaking up a family was not what I’m about. Should have said…”Of Course I couldn’t act upon the desire, breaking up a family was not what I’m about.
      I wonder what Freud would have said missing the {n’t}

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