Tiny Bubbles…

My city is really hot at the moment. Today was 33°C… 91° for those of you in Am-Ri-Ka.Not a puff of wind. Now some people might be saying… well.. that isn’t so warm, but our weather has been bouncing around like a mexican jumping bean, so there hasn’t been time to acclimatize.

It has rendered me somewhat creatively moribund…

On the other hand…

I can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to have someone drink champagne off of my fevered skin.

There is a wonderful saying about champagne… (or sparkling white or red wine beverage)… When we have bubbles… we have no troubles! It goes double for when you are drinking it off the skin of a lover.

They say that the bowl champagne glass was modelled on the breast of Madame de Pompadour… Good thing it wasn’t me… or we would be drinking champagne out of something a little closer to a stein. (Ok… I am a 38C… perhaps I exaggerate a tad!)

But there is something rather delicious about having one’s nipples dipped into a brisling, ice cold champagne bowl and then being rousingly sucked upon. I have had champagne drunk (slurped?) from my belly button… the small of my back and had it poured and enjoyed from the perfumed garden itself.

It is also entirely decadent and the decadence lends its own appeal. As drinking turns to touching, and touching turns to fondling, and fondling leads to its inevitable conclusion, that slippery, sticky lubricant only adds to the charm.

Just don’t forget to violate me with the bottle…



4 thoughts on “Tiny Bubbles…

  1. Grins ~ good thing the glasses were not modeled off of me! One would need to drink many, many, many glasses to get a decent toast!

    As for your last sentence….oh!

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