A tie doesn’t have to be *your* leash….

Men these days hate to dress up… How often do you hear a man talk about how a tie is strangling him?

Yesterday, when I spoke of uniforms, I didn’t get into my other favourite uniform… the suit.

I love men in suits. I just want to follow them… look at them… and if it is a good suit… stroke them. Men in suits are powerful… they are dominant… it is modern hunting attire.

The boardroom has replaced the modern savannah, and if a man wants to hunt well, he usually ends up in one. It is one of the few wonderful things about the modern world.

Suits also make me feel submissive. One of my favourite things is to be stripped completely naked and fucked hard by a man, still in his suit. Let’s face it. All he needs to do is unzip and he is ready. Yes… it has its own wonderful discomforts. His zipper may scratch your labia… if he undoes his belt, it too might beat at you with every thrust… but all of that just makes it better.

Even better… when he takes you in that state and just bends you over a table of a sofa and uses your body. It is all about him and his pleasure. Then he might take off his tie, and bind your hands… making you even more of his slave. He may turn you around, and want you to take him in your mouth… all the while looking down at you as his property. He is so strong and powerful, of course you want to pleasure him in that way. He is man, and you are woman and nothing should interfere with his desires.

I had a boss once who was an incredible dresser… beautiful suits… usually Italian. French cuffs on his shirts… I couldn’t help but wish he would take me from being his secretary to his ‘sexretary’. He was such a proverbial ball buster in his field that I just wanted to be another of his objects. I had such fantasies of his bending me over his desk and pounding me hard against his files. Standing there while I took him deep into my throat… looking down at me with that glint in his eye. The feeling of his trousered legs on my sides as he pleasured himself between my breasts.

Oh Daddy… where are you… to bind me to the bed with your ties and take me every which way… filling me with your seed and working me until I am a mindless, sexual being existing only for your whim and pleasure!


3 thoughts on “A tie doesn’t have to be *your* leash….

  1. Ahh … I have dated one or two who were suit and tie ones. Mostly though, I was with ones who worked outdoors. Though admits, who has not had the fantasy of being in his office, having him close the office blinds … then being taken across his desk *g*.

  2. Love your post! I feel the same way about men in uniform. A suit is much the same. Power and authority are appealing.

  3. Daddy loves to wear suits! He will Bind your hands with his tie and slap your butt every few strokes with his belt, as he bangs you from behind! Bend over the office desk now!

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