Are those boxers regulation?

I have a bit of a thing for men in uniform. Generally, men in uniform tend to be grown ups… Or at least on the surface they are…

It is amazing how many of the men I have dated are military or ex military. Throw in a cop and a calendar fireman and with the exception of a paramedic, I have trolled my through the emergency services. If one is going to get a little creative, I have even dated a coroners assistant… I will never forget when I asked him about his day and he said… well… I had to go to the maximum security prison where one convict killed another by putting two papermate pens into the guy’s eye sockets… right up to the pencaps.

I think if men knew just how unbelievably sexy they are in uniforms, they would all want one. But I honestly believe they don’t get it. A previous gentleman of my acquaintance was an officer in the military. We had a fab weekend in mufti… then he had to take me to the train on his way back to base. He put on his battle dress and… truthfully…? I was on fire! Seeing him like that just turned me on so much… when I said something about it.. he shrugged, mystified, and said ‘But these are my work clothes…?’

Soldiers are beautiful! The way they move and carry themselves. Very few lack confidence. Even a small amount of time as a soldier gives a man something which carries through his entire life. When he puts that uniform on, it is like a cloak of nobility… They just change.

Meanwhile, bad girl over here just wants to ravage them. I want to slowly unwrap them like the candy they are and personally thank them for their service. (I also find the act of serving one’s country to be very erotic!) The best part about uniforms is that there are so many layers to go through… and with dress uniforms, aiguillettes, and medals and things that rattle and chime!

My former flame was of a different nationality than myself, and there was this delicious feeling of being invaded by the enemy. At the same time, he was my soldier and I just wanted to reward him for his dedication to his nation.

Given my predilection for being mastered, there is just something… both so right and so wrong about being taken by a man in uniform. Have him take my by the hair and treat me like a spoil of war. Truthfully, I think more uniforms should involve the ‘Sam Browne’ belt… if only to give a girl something to hold onto while her man in uniform is taking her roughly against the wall. Or the bed… or on his desk… or against his tank… or plane… in the dugout… bent over a pile of howitzer shells… on the floor of APC… in the lifeboat… In the powder magazine…

And its ever so much better if he leaves the uniform on…and only adjusts it as needed… I promise I will clean any mess we make off of it after…

With my tongue…

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