Make me take it…

I touched on something in my previous post which I wanted to revisit today…

When a man comes inside you… raw… unprotected… primal…

*Public service announcement* Play safe kids… Nuff said… What I am talking about is for dedicated partners. Don’t risk unwanted pregnancies or diseases.

There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of a man cumming inside… when you can actually feel each jet that is forced from his body. How to describe the feeling… Its like a pulse, really… And the fact that he drives his cock ever deeper each time just makes it better.

They talk about the smell of sex, and I have to say, most of that is the combined scent of his and your juices. It’s a heady scent… the stickiness… the experience… It’s the most primal essence of a man. When it is a man you care about, the feeling of his cum inside you is amazing. Truthfully, I would prefer him to put it where it traditionally belongs rather than over my face or breasts. That and the feeling of him bareback is just so much different.

Due to medical reasons, I can’t actually get pregnant, and maybe it is from there that I have the strangest new interested in the whole ‘breeding’ fetish. When a man holds you down and actually makes you accept his seed. Having sex for the reason that God intended. But there is something… I don’t know if it is the risk… or the dominance.. or what exactly… nowadays we women don’t let men cum inside us. I have a few friends (both male and female) who have never had unprotected sex in their lives. 

It is actually a fetish and a whole subsection of porn these days. Usually in porn it is black guys on white girls… the ‘black bred’ thing. I am not particularly into the whole interracial scene, but there is very little non interracial porn in this area. More is the pity.

In my internet wanderings, I came across something called a breeding bench… It’s an S&M toy… She is tied down to it, and the man uses her… and forces her to take his cum. She can’t move. She can’t get away. He may not untie her between uses… I don’t know why, but I find it incredibly hot!

But you don’t even need the furniture… a man… holding you down… telling you how he is going to make you take it… how he is going to fill you up… how you can’t get away from him… he restrains you with his body. He is simply more powerful than you… perhaps he is taking you from behind, and he pulls you back against him… his hand around your throat. He has your life in his hands as he pours more life into you.

And then he cums… and cums… his essence pulses deep into your being… he owns you… and you feel so…. female…

What more like this?

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13 thoughts on “Make me take it…

  1. Nice to read a woman’s perspective on this.

    Its extremely rare for me to cum inside my GF but when I do, my god it feels incredible! even the build up to me finishing inside her feels better because of the thoughts going through my head about the possibility of getting her pregnant and where my cum is about to go…. After my orgasm is over I’m completely spent almost as if I’ve given her all my energy lol.

    My GF told me she cant actually feel my cum shooting inside her but she can feel my cock throb and pulse with each rope of cum I shoot inside her.

    I will read more of blog when i get a chance.

  2. Oh my, I just stumbled across your blog tonight and have read the whole thing now. This has to be my fav post. There is nothing that makes me feel more feminine then his hand on my throat as he finishes so deep inside me. I want it to last forever. Thanks so much for putting it in words so very well!

  3. Another wonderful post thank you so much! For me to hold down the woman I care about and pump her hard and deep injecting her with my seed until I can’t cum anymore is so wonderful, so good ,and yes even pure…..

    Then when I regain myself hopefully with her help I will give her more even harder and deeper!

    You are so wonderful ~ everything you post ~ Thank you so much ~ I love you for being here so brave and bold!

  4. I, too, have medical problems and have a low chance at conceiving, and an even lower chance of carrying to term, and I believe that is what cultivated my “breeding” fetish. There’s nothing better than feeling your partner pump a load into your womb. It’s so much different than condom sex. It is even more different than using a spermicide.

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