Pinned like a butterfly…

As boring as it sounds, I love the missionary position.

I know! So dreadfully dull…

But when a man throws you down on a bed, reefs you back towards him by an ankle, knees your legs open and pins your arms above your head by the wrists before he penetrates you? There is absolutely nothing boring about that! When he stakes you to the bed like a butterfly to a board with his throbbing penis, nothing makes you feel more taken. When he slides into inside, and you can look up at him and see the tautness in his face, the desire… nature taking over… Nope. Not boring at all.

I love it when a man almost loses control in the moment, taking you almost mindlessly… you clasp onto his shoulders, his muscles straining under your fingertips… down his back, his skin so warm… then his pumping buttocks… Then you wrap your legs around his pelvis, holding him in; at the same time just clinging on like a limpet.

He is inside you… the closest thing to melding flesh into flesh. HE is working so hard… potent male animal that he is… His thrusts may be so hard they slide you into the headboard. The sweat beads on his forehead… dripping into your mouth and across your cheek. Saltiness on your tongue.

You are a vessel to his desire. The center of his world. The only thing that matters as nature drives him towards the inevitable conclusion. It gets faster and faster. His balls may be slapping into your flesh. He is possessed… by you… by hormones… by lust.

Then you can’t help but spur him further. Break what little control he has left. Nails digging into the flesh of his back… white teeth nipping the skin of his shoulder. His eyes glaze over. The man is gone… only the animal remains.

But now… the tightness is building inside you! Each thrust tears another cry from your throat. The world fades to a blur. Just you. Him. Legs entwined around one another… sliding against each other almost like snakes…

You scream your encouragement… so close.. so close… like a mountain you desperately want to climb…. his beard rasping against your skin… you can’t get close enough… you can’t open yourself to him anymore….

And then….

A detonation… a supernova… exploding into a thousand pieces… vision changing from red to shimmering, velvety darkness as you feel his last thrust inside… and each jet of his climax filling you… pulsating inside your very core…

No. Not boring at all.

11 thoughts on “Pinned like a butterfly…

  1. That’s the best description of the missionary position I’ve ever read. Needless to say, it was a real turn on to read from a woman’s perspective and yes, “center of his universe” is a very fitting description of those moments.

  2. Wonderful descriptions. I can’t wait until I, too, will know that joy! Missionary is only as ‘boring’ as you make it; doing what you do, or making it part of a fantasy scene or culmination of a bit of BDSM, or being tied down, does spice it up quite a bit, I’d assume.

    1. A lot of it has to do with partner skill too… I think I said in yesterday’s post that the only worse thing than no sex is bad sex… But when you both know what you are doing? BRILLIANT! Even the basics are bombastic!

  3. *fans self* lol.

    I admit that I really love when I am being made love to. However, there is something to be said for being woken late, late in the middle of the night … because your partner just wants sex.

    Often, when my ex wanted a quickie … it turned me on. Kind of like … he just wants me and only cares for his needs. That intense need … pulling you by your ankles of hips to him as you lay on your back …. mmmmm

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