I love you more…

  • Than I did the week before…
  • I discovered alcohol…

The Barenaked Ladies…

What is it about the siren lure of alcohol? I have a drink and instantly my *down there* feels like it is swelling to twice its regular size? My nipples harden to the consistency of diamonds and I am ready for… whatever…

Now the beer goggles are a well established phenomenon and I am not going to go waltzing down that path in this missive. But how does alcohol DO that? It fills me with the most indescribable hunger. Or.. perhaps it just lifts the veil from the pulsating nympho that I am inside.

I think that comes down to the core of it. I come from a family of highly oversexed people. Don’t ask me how I know its a trait… it would send me back into therapy. But I have always called myself a nympho with standards.  Yes. I want it all the time. I really do. At the same time, I would rather masturbate than have bad sex.

For as we all know… the only thing worse than no sex is bad sex.

I was also raised with a very old fashioned upbringing. I think one of my biggest fears is to be what one would call a slut. But the minute I have a regular source of good nookie, its all I think about. Its all I want. My desire literally blocks out the sun.

And then I have a drink. Oh sweet ambrosia that is booze… you torment me. You make my breasts swell and my juices flow. You make me so ready for everything and… yet I can’t say anyone… because I do have standards. Oh… but for the man who could harness that energy and desire… well…

I have just had some of my second favourite evening poison… the Cuba Libre. Dear God… How I love it. How big my breasts feel. How ready I am. No. I don’t need alcohol to feel this way… but dear God, it makes it all so much more intense. It sets the dirty girl free. My tongue snakes over my lips and my eyes glitter. You suggest a thousand perversions to me and I would be your willing accomplice. Perhaps even your willing victim.


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