Gobble Gobble Gobble…

So I was recently trying to explain my fellatio policy to a gentleman, and it got me thinking….

Giving head…

Like with the vast majority of women, it isn’t my most favourite thing to do. I will be honest and say it outright. In all my years as a female and general nympho, I haven’t encountered that many women who say… Giving head? I LOVE IT! maybe 25%. I came from a family where the joke was… Birthdays and Christmas and upon receipt of velvet covered boxes.

For me, the road to fellatio and my feelings about it has a slightly bend. Once upon a time I was married to someone who hated sex and everything to do with it. In fact, he hit me once for going down on him. For me, it is a question of trust and comfort. Oh.. and let’s just not forget cleanliness.

Now… once I am comfortable, it’s a completely different story. What I do enjoy is the pleasure it gives to the man in my life. Watching him gasp and writhe is quite exciting and makes me feel very powerful in my femininity.

I should also add that just because it isn’t my favourite thing to do, doesn’t mean I haven’t studied technique. I wouldn’t call myself the ultimate pet if I sucked at it… (please pardon the pun)

Playing with a rock hard penis can be a true joy. Tracing over the veins in the shaft with your tongue, swirling around the ridge of the head… tweaking the frenulum, dipping into the slit… then sucking the entire thing up into the roof of your mouth with a rather insistant suction… Then… down down down.. how far can you get the whole thing in… I once shocked a boyfriend by deep throating him.  He asked me with some surprise if I had put his knob in my throat…When I looked up and smiled,  I could tell that no one had ever done that to him before.

My favourite place to go down on a man is in the shower… with the lights turned off. No.. it isn’t what you think…! The shower creates a zone of ‘sensory deprivation’. He can’t hear, he can’t see… all he can do is stand there and feel. There is no knowledge of what can happen next… I have converted several dubious fellows.

It also helps with the clean up… What does it matter if he paints your entire upper body?

Dim light also works… especially if one is wearing full make up. One fellow said that watching my makeup melting off under the water while I went down on him was like transforming me from princess to whore before his eyes.

So for me, fellatio is something I do for special men in my life. It isn’t something I do for a one night stand. Once I am in that place… then… oh yes… I do enjoy it… because I enjoy him… and I want to pleasure him with every weapon in my arsenal. For the one… I will do anything to please him and I will do it with pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble Gobble…

  1. For the right guy, at the right time, it is truly amazing. It does make you feel powerful and few things are more exhilarating than pleasing him.

  2. Ahh … I must be in the 25% hahaha

    Ok….first off…cleanliness. A total MUST. And trust.

    With my ex-husband…I believe he liked oral sex from me more than errr….the “normal” forms lol.

    What he REALLY liked….was when I took him deep…and held him in my throat. Then I would make a swallowing action with my throat. (It took me a bit to learn this…as you have to learn to breath through your nose.) But he told me it massaged the head of his penis and felt super good. I’d often place his hand on my throat so he could feel me swallowing too …

    He’d ejaculate directly down my throat sometimes. Good or bad? Hmmmm…

    1. I can do the deep throat thing as well… generally no complaints except for the guy who freaked out when he realised he was in my throat…

      Never had the down the throat ejaculation… read about it tho…. 😀

      1. If you do try it.. definitely tell him to let you know RIGHT before he ejaculates. The first time I was not ready…and it caught me a little by surprise (though I knew he was close as I could feel his thingy twitching …or it could be he was sort of “silently” thrusting). And it almost caused me to choke! Soooooo NOT sexy haha.

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