When I think about you…

I touch myself…

Who remembers that song?

There are two kinds of people in this world… those who masturbate, and those who lie about it. I, for one, am a huge fan. When I am at home, I touch myself a lot. Why shouldn’t I? It’s my body, and all my parts. Is there anything wrong with making them feel good?

Sometimes I just go by memories of exciting events I was a part of… spectacular shags, wonderful kisses, or dirty deeds. More often than not, I will read some erotic stories which usually relate to my more exotic kinks. Other times, well.. I watch porn. Xhamster is your friend.

Its interesting how things which are erotic in one’s mind, when watched, aren’t anymore. Others can become more so. I think one of the problems for me with porn is that the girls are either A:truly not enjoying themselves, B: really skanky looking C: so bony they looked like they wandered out of Auschwitz.  Oh wait.. there is a D: Asians making those horrible ‘tortured rabbit’ noises.

I have a particular kink which tends to be reflected more in Japanese/Asian porn, and there is nothing I find more of a turn off than Asian girls squeaking like Hello Kitty in a meat grinder. Why do they make those noises??

But I digress…

I used to not be able to sleep without an orgasm… ah.. my intemperate youth… now I can… but I prefer not. If I am at home… and not busy… oh.. at least twice in a day… Sometimes four or five times. I was made for sex… Not having it regularly and a girl has to make up for it somehow…

A part of me dreams of being able to make all of my fantasies come true…. some of them are impossible… but you never know…

What I truly dream of is never having to masturbate at all… to have someone or something to attend to me whenever I so need.

Good Times!

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