Sometimes I have the strangest thoughts in my head. I do wonder where they come from. Half the time, I am reaching for the brain bleach (read alcohol) or else I roll them around in my mouth like a choice bonbon.

I might mention the idea of Birds in cages from time to time… and many of my thoughts revolve in that direction. I once had the fantasy of living in an isolated tower on a distant shore. I had everything I could possibly imagine… gowns… shoes… lingerie… toys… but around my ankle was a cuff of sparklies and bells and I was chained to the wall by a fine, titanium chain.

Sometimes Daddy comes and takes what is his. He takes and takes and takes. I am powerless to stop him. He comes when I am asleep. I wake up to his hands on my shoulders… my back. Running down along my body. He may already be inside me when my eyes open. Everything that I am is his? Why should he not use it at his will? It is terrible and wonderful when Daddy comes to the tower.

Occasionally, Daddy takes his precious Bird from the tower… Always his whim. What is the purpose of having something special if you cannot show it off? Sometimes Daddy brings  the best of his minions to the tower. He blindfolds his Bird, for he wouldn’t want her to be too scared. Not that apprehension isn’t delicious to Daddy.

He brings me, blindfolded into the room. I hear that there is more than Daddy there. But he quiets me. It isn’t my place to speak. He undresses me. I cower. I know we are not alone. He reaches down and unchains my cuff. I am free. I try to run for the door. But there are hands. More than Daddy’s hands. I have been given as a reward.

‘I won’t let anyone hurt my little Bird,’ Daddy whispers in my ear. ‘Don’t be afraid. Be brave and please me.’

Of course I do whatever Daddy wants. If he sees fit to give me as a gift, then who am I to contradict? They use me in every way possible.  They take turns, seeing who can make me cry out the loudest. I never know what is going to happen next. I am in darkness. All I can do is act and feel while they use me as a toy.

Then they leave, and it is just me and Daddy.

But he isn’t finished yet…

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