My! What big hands you have…


It is incredible.

Was that too blunt an opening? No pun intended.

I did say I was going to launch into some of my kinks…

I love fisting. Sex… Sex is awesome. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I love regular, normal sex! It is FANTASTIC! But there is something perverse about being stretched and opened as far as you can be.

Vaginal (not into the ole back door in this case) fisting can be one of the most intense and erotic experiences out there. To make it work, you have to be so incredibly turned on. Otherwise, it just hurts like a son of a bitch… But to have a lover drive you into a frenzy, where you are begging and panting… and then go lower…and lower… he might lay his head on your pelvis to get a little leverage… then one finger.. two fingers… three… stretching, rolling, entering… back and forth inside. Then four…

Perhaps he is looking at you… eyes glittering with challenge and desire. His other hand might be at your breasts, or if he has long arms… he might have his fingers in your mouth. Or gently on your throat, holding you down… Then his attention returns to that hungry place between your legs. Twisting. Opening. Taking.

A man’s hand inside you is when he does own you. He can hurt you, or give you the most intense pleasure. When you clamp down on his hand, he feels all that you are and more. In and out. Stretching it all wider. Wringing every last drop of moisture you can produce. Until you are screaming.

I had a boyfriend who didn’t want to fist me because he was worried if he stretched me out that it would be permanent. Noooooooooooooooooooo! Because after a properly done fisting, everything is so engorged, it swells to far tighter than usual. When his penis presses into you, you feel every vein and ridge that he has.

I also do a lot of Kegels…

When a man has his hand in me, I feel possessed. God I love it…

God it has been a long time…

5 thoughts on “My! What big hands you have…

    1. I recommend it! But goooooo slooooooooow! And if you aren’t a…. um… juicy? girl, be sure to have some lube… make sure he clips his fingernails too! And take the rings off! 🙂

      1. LOL! I am generally juicy, but thanks for the lube recommendation and the ring notice! Hope to have a fisting post of my own to share…soon!

      2. The nails are a big one… you will know if his are tooooo long… Believe me…

        And if you are at all nervous- have a drink or two before or during. Just to relax all the bits!

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