What is it about a kiss that makes it so delicious?

I love to be kissed, especially when a man cups the back of your head and takes the kiss from you. It is raw and powerful. His tongue penetrates your lips as he tastes you… It is a an appetizer of other, more carnal penetrations.

When you are kissed, that person is inside of you, in some small way. A deep kiss is so intimate. To me, it can be more intimate than kisses in other, more southern regions.

I especially love being kissed by a man who gently, but firmly, takes hold of my hair… Or presses me back into something so that I am at his mercy. That feeling that he is stronger, more powerful… just that wondrously, decidedly male…

So much of what a man is comes through in his kisses. Of course, he is allowed to be nervous or a bit shy… But a man who takes control of the kiss, that is what I like. When he bits at your lips gently and is firm, but not too aggressive with his tongue… when he tastes you… drinks from you… wants every sensation of your essense…

That is a wonderful kiss…


2 thoughts on “Kisses…

  1. You are so right. It is ultimately intimate and always amazing when the man takes control. I love that, too.

  2. My little girl and I love your writing, it as if you wrote it for her and myself! We are both so excited we found you. We want to be totally happy as Daddy /Daughter. Now we are not really into the Daddy/Dom world. However, when we are together I dress her as though she is a teenager and we hold hands and kiss all the time! It turns us on when we can make haters get excited. We are not related and no thought of incense only our lives ….

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