Daddy’s Little Girl

I have a massive Daddy fetish. It could be the reason I like older men so much. I want to be Daddy’s little girl in all the naughtiest ways possible.

To get a few things out of the way:

  1. I have never had those feelings about my real father. Eww!
  2. I don’t advocate incest / pedobears. EWW!
  3. This is about fetish.

Someone once asked me what my ‘little girl age’ was. If I had a Daddy to look after me, how old would I be in my mind. For me, 17-18. On the cusp of womanhood… which also probably works because I was 18 when I lost my virginity.

For me, Daddy has discovered he wants his little girl… to have…  to train… this perfect creation of his that he wants to keep. He can’t help himself. He looks at her every day, and his love twists from paternal to carnal. Then one day he touches that  forbidden fruit. It is so soft under his fingertips. So perfect. Just a taste… a little taste… it is so wrong but he cannot help himself.  And it is DELICIOUS…

He can never let her go. No other man can possess her… at least… not without his permission…

She is his princess. He molests her… she is unsure… it is all so wrong. So forbidden… but this is Daddy, and he knows best. He would never hurt her. It all feels so wonderful. She has a purpose. To please him. The more he delves into her mind and desires, the more she gives herself into his will. The taboo makes it ever so much more luscious.

He dresses her up like a doll! He uses her body for all his sexual whims. He teaches and trains her in all his desires. He creates a wonderful cage to keep her in. Her life is devoted to pleasing Daddy. When he comes home from work, she is waiting at the door, perfectly attired with his favorite cocktail on a tray.

Then the games begin…

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