Oak Trees

So I had some sad news today. The sort of thing that takes some of the wind out of a girl’s sails. Stops her… makes her reevaluate. 

Not about what I want… I know what I want. What I don’t know is how to get it.

The one who will be there for me. My oak tree. 

Sadly in this day and age, men are increasingly not like oak trees. Men in the proverbial good old days were strong, caring and they looked after things. Today it seems  that they want to have a good cry, talk about their feelings and wait for someone else to pick up the pieces. 

Oak Trees are strong… with deep roots, broad branches and sheltering leaves.  A little bird or kitty cat can hide in those branches, safe from all harm. The oak tree protects them. 

Right now, I wish that I had a 1930s sort of male… Clark Gable’esque. A man who takes it on the chin, then fights back against the world. Who makes all the bad things disappear. Who looks after his woman and all her problems. Do those men even exist anymore?

Right now, I want to hide in his branches and not be alone with my fears. 

Do Oak Trees even exist anymore?

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