So yes. I am a BBW.

So how can I be the ultimate pet? Well.. I could make the usual crass post about there being more of me to love. A dolphin would be a pretty cool pet, and they arent small! I am sure if Dr. Evil could have had a pet killer whale, no one would have said… wow.. um… your pet is douchey.

But there are other things to it. I am a hedonist. I live for the sybaritic pleasures in all their forms. I love food. It gives me pleasure. I love the sensuality of tastes and the experience of eating.

I also love to drink. Wine… I shall wax poetic about the pleasures of alcohol in another post.

The thing is… I can’t see how super stick thin women (and by that I mean the ones who are constantly starving themselves to be a size 0) how can they be lovers of pleasure if they are starving? There is that wonderful line from the Devil Wears Prada… I am one stomach flu from my goal weight…. I eat nothing all day, and if I feel faint, I have a cube of cheese…

Now… I am presently dieting, because stress has put some weight around my middle that I dont like… but even at my goal weight, I am not a thin critter, and I dont truly want to be. I also don’t think I have let myself go… I hate that… ‘I want a woman who takes care of herself.’ Um.. I do. I walk. I am active. I wax. I do my hair. I wear makeup.

In fact, I am more done up than a lot of the thin women in my city.

Being a BBW doesnt make me any less sophisticated or elegant. I just have some dangerous curves on me. Pardon the expression, but I have tits and ass… I have a ginormous, almost aggressive bottom. It is round, bitable and out there.

Yep. I am a BBW. And truly? Proud of it.

And I can still look damn fine on your arm.

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